Monday, March 12, 2012

FREE Non-Credit Certificate for Veterans. Syracuse University

The Veterans Technology Program is a non-credit certificate program offered by the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University. This program is available to both employed and unemployed, post 9/11 veterans with a minimum of a high school diploma, and is comprised of four certificates, VET 1: Career Skills for Global Enterprises, VET 2: Microsoft Office Fundamentals, VET 3: Applied Education, and VET 4: Applied Practicum.

By participating in this program, Veterans have the ability to:
  • Receive an overview of various information technology or operations industries, including a number of career paths.
  • Create a development plan specific to personal skill-sets, interests, and goals
  • Gain an understanding and insight into the corporate culture of globally distributed companies – including effective communication, decision making, and conflict management.
  • Learn to effectively prepare for and execute a job search including company research, resume and cover letter writing
  • Receive a technical education in a specific concentration of their choice, and where applicable, acquire industry certification
The Veterans Technology Program is presently underwritten in its entirety by JPMorgan Chase & Co.

It is free of charge to all admitted veterans and military personnel, who have served on active duty post 9/11/01.

Additional information regarding the application, including requirements, can be found at the Apply webpage.

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