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Disease Report Adds New Urgency to Clean Cookstove Campaign

By Charlene Porter | Staff Writer | 17 December 2012
Women and child around cookstove, one feeding wood into it (AP Images)
This Indian family is using a clean cookstove developed by Envirofit International. The manufacturer says it reduces emissions by 80 percent.

Washington — A campaign to introduce cleaner-burning cooking methods to billions of homes has gained a new level of urgency. A worldwide assessment of disease, incapacity and death finds that the number of people sickened by household air pollution (HAP) is double that projected by earlier estimates, from 2 million to approximately 4 million worldwide.

About 3 billion people worldwide burn fuels such as wood, dung or charcoal to cook daily meals. The smoke accumulating inside the homes introduces pollution and harmful emissions that contribute to lung cancer, respiratory infections and cardiovascular disease.

Recognition of this problem led to the 2010 creation of the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, a public-private partnership dedicated to providing markets and means for developing-world households to make a transition to cleaner cooking methods.

“This shocking doubling of previous estimates of HAP-related mortality necessitates a redoubling of Alliance efforts to ensure that cooking a meal is a life-enriching, and not life-taking, activity for all people,” said Alliance Executive Director Radha Muthiah. “The Alliance will accelerate its work to increase the accessibility, affordability and eventual adoption of clean cookstoves and fuels."

The Global Burden of Disease 2010 study is a wide-ranging report involving close to 500 contributors in 50 nations. The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington led the effort.

The research team focused on HAP concluded that this class of pollutants caused 3.5 million direct premature deaths in 2010, compared to 3.3 million for outdoor air pollution. Another 500,00 deaths, the researchers found, can be attributed to outdoor exposure to pollutants that originate with indoor household fires, what the researchers called "secondhand cook fire smoke."

“One of the most alarming findings is that smoke from cooking fires was found to be the largest environmental threat to health in the world today,” said Kirk R. Smith, a professor of global environmental health at the University of California, Berkeley, and a co-author of the section of the broad report focused on this issue.

Smith’s research indicates that 3.5 million adult men and women develop lung cancer, cardiovascular disease or chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) after their exposure to open cook fires. About 500,000 children are also killed each year, mainly from pneumonia.

Many women in the developing world pay the consequences of polluting cook fires with their health, but Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has noted that their safety is also at risk. “In conflict zones like the Congo, the journeys that women must take to find scare fuel put them at increased risk of violent and sexual assault,” said Clinton when she first announced U.S. support for the cookstove alliance in September 2010. “Even in safer areas, every hour spent collecting fuel is an hour not spent in school or tending crops or running a business.”

The United States and some 50 other governments are partners in the Clean Cookstove Alliance. About 200 nongovernmental organizations and 100 private companies are also contributing to the international campaign to bring cleaner cooking technologies into billions of homes in the developing world.

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GET INVOLVED! Opportunities. Prince Georges County Maryland. Board Commission

Involvement in the process of government hasn't ended with voting in local, and national elections.  Now it involves additionational participation in your local governement.

BEMA shall be posting board & commission opportunities of its member locations throughout the U.S.


Charles D. Sharp
Chief Executive
Black Emergency Managers Association

Boards & Commissions

For further information regarding the Prince George's County Boards and Commission, please contact Andrea Anderson, Appointment Liaison, at (301) 952-4131.



Accountability, Compliance and Integrity (ACI) Advisory Board, TheCharged with reviewing current county oversight, researching best practices, and providing specific recommendations to County Executive and the County Council.
Accokeek Development Review District CommissionReviews and comments on all applications for subdivision of land located within the Accokeek Road Corridor boundaries and be made a party of record in all zoning and subdivision matters for which parties of record are identified, which involve property within the District before the Zoning Hearing Examiner, the Planning Board, or the District Council.
Adult Public Guardianship Review BoardResponsible for reviewing the Department of Social Services and the Department of Services and Programs to the Aging's guardianship cases in which adults have been found legally incompetent to make reasoned decisions concerning their own care.
Advisory Committee on Aging Receives reports from the Department of Family Services regarding the status of current operations and future planning. Recommends various services and programs for the aging, while maintaining communication between our older citizens, the County Executive and County Council. Strives for a fuller utilization of the energies, skills, and knowledge of our older citizens for the benefit of themselves and society.
Agricultural Land Preservation Advisory BoardAdvises the County with respect to the establishment of agricultural districts and the approval of purchases of easements by the foundation within the County. Assists the County in reviewing the status of agricultural districts and land under easement and advises the foundation concerning County priorities for agricultural preservation. Promotes preservation of agriculture within the County by offering information and assistance to farmers with respect to establishment of districts and purchase of easements.
Agricultural Resources Advisory CommissionServes as the central point of information for the farming community regarding governmental programs affecting agricultural operations and advises the County regarding the effect on agricultural operations of potential and existing laws, policies, rules and regulations.
Animal Control CommissionRecommends to the County Executive and to the Director rules and regulations regarding the animal control shelter and its operations. Conducts public hearings to determine whether violations have occurred and recommends changes in the law regarding the control of animals.
Anacostia Watershed Restoration Committee Coordinates and implements restoration projects throughout the watershed since its founding.
Appeals, Board of Appointed by the Council to hear and determine all administrative appeals allowed by ordinance or law. The jurisdiction of the Board of Appeals shall not extend to any provision of the County Code which does not expressly provide for such jurisdiction.
Art in Public Places Panel Require that a certain percentage of the construction projects be designed for works of art. Works of art include, but are not limited to, paintings, sculptures, engravings, carvings, frescos, glass, or fountains, located either exterior or interior to the facility and readily accessible for viewing by the public.
Beautification Committee/Tree Planting CommitteeProvides for a systematic procedure for the beautification of the streets, roads and public rights of way. Provides for the facilitation of citizen participation in the fulfillment of an established plan and encourage each municipality to cooperate and coordinate their endeavors with the County.
Building Contractors, Board of Registration forProvides for the licensing and regulation of residential building contracts within Prince George's County. The board is authorized to administer the granting, denial, revocation and suspension of licenses; and to develop standards for the grating, renewal, denial, revocation or suspension of such licenses.
Cable Television CommissionInvites, receives, reviews and evaluates applications for CATV franchise and, following public hearings, recommends to the County Council the approval of those franchises which will best serve the residents of Prince George's County.
Citizen Complaint Oversight PanelReviews the investigations of the Police Department and the Human Relations Commission and report the thoroughness and objectivity of the investigations to the Police Chief.
Charter Review Commission Pursuant to Charter, a commission is appointed quadrennially to comprehensively review the provisions of the County Charter and recommend changes where appropriate.
Commission for Children, Youth and Families The mission of the Prince George's County Commission for Children, Youth and Families, also known as the Local Management Board (LMB), is to enhance the quality of life for children, youth, and families in Prince George's County, Maryland. This encompasses planning, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating a comprehensive, integrated human service delivery system for children, youth, and families in Prince George's County, Maryland and building on their capacity to be self-sufficient, safe, and healthy.
Commission for Education ExcellenceThe Commission is charged with the evaluation of innovative programs, policies, and initiatives targeted towards improving the educational achievement of all County students; the engagement of the community to enhance the image of Prince George’s County Public Schools; and the alignment of County resources to improve support for school system needs.
Elections, Board ofResponsible for the supervision of elections, voter registration and record keeping, and
the administration of election laws in Prince George's County, in accordance with Article 33 of the Annotated Code of Maryland. The Board and the Election Administrator seek to provide voter registration to every County citizen who wishes it.
Electricians, Board of Registration for Master Electricians and Electrical ContractorsReceives applications and gives examinations from any persons desiring to be licensed as an electrical contractor of master electrician. The Board also holds hearings on the denial, revocation and suspension of a license.
Enterprise Road Corridor Development Review District CommissionReviews and comments on all applications for subdivision of land located within the Enterprise Road Corridor boundaries and be made a party of record in all zoning and subdivision matters for which parties of record are identified, which involve property within the District before the Zoning Hearing Examiner, the Planning Board, or the District Council.
Ethics, Board ofRenders advisory opinions to officers and the employees of the County as to all questions arising under the Code of Ethics. Also receives complaints and conduct investigations in connection with the Code of Ethics.
Gaming Permit Review BoardResponsible for approving any application for a new charitable gaming event permit.
Historical and Cultural TrustPreserves and maintains historical, aesthetic and cultural properties, buildings, fixtures, furnishings and appurtenances pertaining in any way to Prince George's County from earliest times, to encourage others to do so and to promote interest in and study of such matters.
Historic Preservation CommissionResearch historic resources and to recommend to the Planning Board and District Council, which ones should be classified as Historic Sites or Historic Districts in the master plan for historic preservation.
Hospital Authority  The independent board to find a healthcare company to take over Prince George's Hospital Center and three other medical facilities currently being run by Dimensions Healthcare System. The seven-member appointed board is a task force created to find a new owner of the hospital system.
Housing AuthorityProvides housing, housing rehabilitation, housing projects, integrally related commercial structures, and the financing of such housing for County residents.
Human Relations CommissionEliminate discriminatory practices within the County in the areas of housing, employment, law enforcement, education, public accommodations, commercial real estate, and any other facets of the lives of its citizens where such practices may be found to exist.
Industrial Development AuthorityTo accomplish relief of conditions of unemployment and encourage an increase of industry and commerce, and a balanced economy. Attract new industry and commerce through port development and the control, reduction, or abatement of pollution of the environment and the utilization and disposal of wastes.
Intermediate Sanctions Policy BoardDevelops intermediate sanctions programs, establish and review policy guidelines for intermediate sanctions programs and evaluate the effectiveness of intermediate sanctions programs. The term "intermediate sanctions" shall include all correctional diversionary programs, both pre- and post-incarceration.
Library Trustees, Board ofDetermines the policy of the Prince George's County Memorial Library, including types of services, personnel, regulations, budgetary controls and all phases of library operations.
License Commissioners, Board ofResponsible for the issuance of new licenses, the approval of requests and transfers of location and for assignment of licenses. In addition, the Board staff, under the direction of the Board, is responsible for the inspection and supervision of all premises licensed by the Board in Prince George's County to see that the alcoholic beverage laws are enforced.
Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission Recommends text amendments to the zoning ordinance, subdivision regulations and other rules and regulations. Responsible for planning, platting and zoning functions that are primarily local in scope, affecting the Regional District as a planning unit. Administration of subdivision regulations preparation and adoption recommendations to the District Council with respect to zoning map amendments. The Commission is also responsible for the administration of a park and recreation system in the Regional District.
Medical Advisory BoardIn addition to specific recommendations submitted on retirement requests, the Board may recommend changes to the existing retirement practices and procedures as it deems appropriate.
Mental Health Advisory BoardPlan, coordinate, assess, evaluate, and make recommendations for the improvement of existing services and the development of new programs and facilities in their respective designated areas of concern.
Minority Business Opportunity CommissionMonitor the efforts of County government in procuring goods and services from minority business enterprises through the implementation of and compliance with the County's Minority Business Opportunities Program. The Commission shall also recommend changes in County procurement policies, programs, and practices and recommend legislation designed to better enable the County to achieve the goals stated in the Code.
Nuisance Abatement BoardThe board shall hear complaints which allege that any premises constitute a public nuisance. Upon receipt of such allegation, the board shall give notice and an opportunity for a hearing to determine whether a public nuisance exists.
Park and Recreation Advisory BoardMakes recommendations to the County Executive, the County Council, and the Prince George's County Planning Board, relative to planning and conducting a diversified park and recreation program in Prince George's County.
Personnel BoardAdvise and consult with County officials on matters concerning the administration of the County career service, personnel rules and regulations, and to report to the County Executive and the County Council on the operations of the personnel system. The board also hears appeals from employees in the classified service or appeals by any person who has taken or sought to take an examination leading to promotion or employment.
Property Tax Assessment Appeals BoardWith respect to any property assessed locally, any taxpayer, or city, or the Attorney
General or department, on behalf of the State, may demand a further hearing before the Property Tax Assessment Board of any property or any unit of tax value, or as to the increase, reduction or abatement of, or refusal to increase, reduce or abate, any such assessment, or as to the classification thereof, made by the initial assessing authority for the next ensuing year.
Public Employee Relations BoardAn administrative law board which administers the County's Labor Code with respect to representation matters, unfair labor practices and negotiability disputes, and impasse disputes.
Redevelopment AuthorityAcquire within the boundary lines of the County, land and property of every kind, and any right, interest, franchise, easement, or privilege in the property, by purchase, lease, gift, condemnation, or any other legal means, for residential, commercial, or industrial development or redevelopment, for the revitalization of our County's older communities.
Community Advisory Committed for the Redevelopment AuthorityAssist and advise the Redevelopment Authority
Refrigeration, Heating and Air Conditioning Licensing BoardDevelops and suggests to the Director programs, policies, standards, regulations, and procedures governing the technical aspect of licensing and registering persons, firms and corporations engaged within the jurisdiction in the business of refrigeration, air conditioning and/or heating, and mechanical ventilation. Develop and administer examinations to determine eligibility of applicants for licensing and approve or disapprove such licenses and certify those which are approved to the Director. Conduct hearings relating to the eligibility, suspension, revocation, or denial of licenses or registration.
Revenue AuthorityExercise its powers for projects within the boundary lines of the County devoted wholly or partially for public uses, good, or general welfare, and to stimulate employment and economic growth in the County.
Sand and Gravel Operations, Advisory CommitteeServe as the central point of information for industry, citizens, and government on the status of specific operations, and proposed requests for new operations. Be knowledgeable of all laws, rules and regulations governing the industry. Assist, develop and conduct programs, coordinate meetings between citizens and industry representatives, and work to establish better communication and understanding between the sand and gravel industry and the community.
Social Services BoardAdvise the local director and the State Board as to the local application of State policies or procedures. To be well informed on local departmental activities and to communicate to the residents of the County comprehensive information as to the objectives, policies, programs and problems of local social services and public assistance administration.
Soil Conservation District, Board of SupervisorsApprove or disapprove plans for clearing, grading, transportation, or otherwise distributing soil, to distribute general information and specific written recommendations concerning the control of erosion and siltation, and the elimination of pollution associated with such activity.
Spending Affordability CommitteeMake recommendations to the County Executive, the County Council and the Office of Management and Budget concerning spending affordability and ways to improve the County's budgetary procedures and polices.
Taxicab BoardReview programs, policies, standards, regulations and procedures governing the technical aspect of licensing and registration and make any recommendations to the Director, County Executive and County Council. Develop examinations to be administered by the Department in order to determine eligibility of applicants for licensing. Hear appeals of violation notices issued under Subtitle 20. Taxicabs and Other Vehicles for Hire, and decisions and actions of the Director to deny, revoke, or suspend any license or certificate required.
Telecommunications Transmission Facility Coordinating CommitteeEncourages the co-location of telecommunication facilities on existing structures and minimizes the community impact of new telecommunication facilities by promoting alternative sites and techniques to mitigate the visual impact. The TTFCC reviews and makes recommendations to the telecommunication carriers on their cell tower applications.
Veterans,  Commission for The Prince Georges County Commission for Veterans develops and promotes new and existing programs and services for Veterans and their families within the County. It is the Commission’s vision Prince George’s County offer our Veterans quality services and programs to ensure the enrichment and enhancement of life for our men and women and their families. 
Wage Determination Board Adopt, establish, repeal, modify, change or amend schedules of prevailing hourly rates of wages to be paid to workmen and apprentices employed on certain public works. The functions and duties include determining the method of wage rates, authorizing the Board to promulgate rules and regulations, and to make final determination with regard to restriction and liquidated damages for violations of certain provisions.
Washington Suburban Sanitary CommissionRecommends and makes policy in the areas of public water supply, pollution control, storm drainage system development and the development and enforcement of plumbing and gas fitting regulations.
Washington Suburban Transit CommissionDevelop on a bi-county basis, planning and financing capabilities for a rapid rail transportation system, including mass transit facilities for the needs and growth of Prince George's and Montgomery County.
Women, Commission forDevelop when necessary an information and referral system for all services in the County related specifically to the needs of women, and to develop other services when a need for such services is determined.

Congratulations: Brenda Muhammad recipient of the 2013 'Unsung Heroes Award'

Congratulations Brenda Muhammad (Community Participation member, New York)

Date:         January 19, 2013
Location:   Syracuse University.  Carier Dome
Time:        5:30m p.m.

Syracuse University's annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Dinner Celebration, a community-wide tradition lasting more than a quarter of a century, is one of the nation’s largest celebrations of Dr. King’s legacy on a university campus, including a sit-down dinner for more than 2,000 people on the floor of the Carrier Dome, followed by a festive program featuring our keynote speaker. During the celebration, we bestow the annual Unsung Heroes Awards on members of the greater Syracuse community who exemplify the spirit, life, and teachings of Martin Luther King Jr., but who are not widely recognized for their efforts.

The 2013 Martin Luther King Jr. Unsung Heroes Awards will be presented to Adena Rochelson, an eighth grader at Wellwood Middle School in Fayetteville (youth/teen); JoVan Collins of Syracuse (community adult);  Brenda Muhammad, a graduate student at Syracuse University (SU/ESF student); and Engineers Without Borders at Syracuse University (student group).

The evening program, which will include the presentation of the 2013 Unsung Hero Awards and entertainment, begins at 5:30 p.m. and is free and open to the public. Tickets for the dinner, which precedes the program at 4 p.m., are $25 for the general public and $15 for students without meal plans. For ticket information, call Hendricks Chapel at 315-443-5044. Information on the celebration can be found at

Grant Opportunity: USAID/Jordan Community Engagement Program

The synopsis for this grant opportunity is detailed below, following this paragraph. This synopsis contains all of the updates to this document that have been posted as of 12/16/2012 . If updates have been made to the opportunity synopsis, update information is provided below the synopsis.
If you would like to receive notifications of changes to the grant opportunity click send me change notification emails . The only thing you need to provide for this service is your email address. No other information is requested.

Any inconsistency between the original printed document and the disk or electronic document shall be resolved by giving precedence to the printed document.
Document Type:Grants Notice
Funding Opportunity Number:SOL-278-13-000005
Opportunity Category:Discretionary
Posted Date:Dec 16, 2012
Creation Date:Dec 16, 2012
Original Closing Date for Applications:Dec 31, 2012   
Current Closing Date for Applications:Dec 31, 2012   
Archive Date:Jan 30, 2013
Funding Instrument Type:Cooperative Agreement
Category of Funding Activity:Community Development
Category Explanation:
Expected Number of Awards:1
Estimated Total Program Funding:$30,000,000
Award Ceiling:$30,000,000
Award Floor:$30,000,000
CFDA Number(s):98.001  --  USAID Foreign Assistance for Programs Overseas
Cost Sharing or Matching Requirement:No

Eligible Applicants

Others (see text field entitled "Additional Information on Eligibility" for clarification)

Additional Information on Eligibility:

Eligible applicants are US, international or national organizations, faith-based and community organizations, or educational institutions who have a presence in Jordan and who are able to respond through oral applications and be able to mobilize in a very short period of time.

Agency Name

Jordan USAID-Amman


The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Mission in Jordan will shortly be issuing a solicitation seeking assistance applications to implement the Community Engagement Program which is a rapid response community engagement program to address immediate and medium term stressors in communities with the goal to strengthen Jordanian communities to mitigate and resolve tension and instability caused by both domestic volatility and the massive influx of refugees.
The anticipated level of funding for this program is $30,000,000 over a period of three (3) years with possible phases extending the program to five years. The program will focus on two primary components: 1) Mitigate community tensions through increased ability of non-government organizations (NGO), community based organizations (CBO), government authorities, informal actors and communities to peacefully and constructively resolve community stressors; and 2)
Promote positive interaction between displaced Syrians and Jordanian host communities and within Jordanian communities.

Link to Additional Information

If you have difficulty accessing the full announcement electronically, please contact:

Arwa Ghanma
Acquisition Specialist
Phone 96265906686

Synopsis Modification History

There are currently no modifications for this opportunity.


January 2013. The beginning of a world-wide movement dedicated to all children of the world.

January of each year to start of a new year to mark the beginning of our world dedicated to protecting innocent victums of the world, the children. Each of us are children of the world and can mark this as a dedication to making changes, dedicating ourselves in our homes, local communities, counties, states, national governments, kingdoms, regimes, to ensuring the protection of innocent children, and to ourselves as children of the world.

Enough is enough, governments are created by the governed. A signal has to be sent to the world from all children of the world to protect them from all the dangers in the world. To leave great legacies for each of them, and us.

January 2013 shall be the start of BEMA's 'A NEVER ENDING MONTH FOR THE DEDICATION TO CHILDREN OF THE WORLD' focusing in on all aspects of protecting children of the world, collaborating with any and all organizations committed to protecting children, looking at programs in every nation of the world created for the protection and advancement of children of their nation and around the world.

This is not an organization, non-profit, or government sponsored event, but an event that starts from the most simpliest grass-roots level to signal the world that each of us care for all children.

There is goodness, and their is its' opposing opposite.  More of the former has to be promoted for the world.

No financial investments, no donations, no ROI, no costs whatsoever. I care for all children of the world.


Charles D. Sharp

Charles D. Sharp
Chief Executive
Black Emergency Managers Association   
2027 Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue.  S.E.
Washington, D.C.  20020
Office:   202-618-9097

"I CARE....."