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Friday, December 20, 2013

President's Young African Leaders Initiative

The Washington Fellowship  
for Young Leaders 
"No matter how old you grow, I say to all of you today, don't lose those qualities of youth-your imagination, your optimism, your idealism. Because the future of the continent is in your hands."  

   - President Barack Obama, South Africa, June 2013                 
The Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders is a flagship program of President Obama's Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) that empowers young people through academic coursework, leadership training, and networking. Fellowships will provide outstanding young leaders with the opportunity to hone their skills at a U.S. university, and support their professional development after they return home.Learn More 


Individuals who have already demonstrated leadership in the public, private or non-profit sector are ideal candidates for the Washington Fellowship. Applicants should have significant professional experience and a proven record in leading and promoting positive change in their organizations, institutions, and communities. Apply today!

Eligible candidates must be:
  • Citizens of, and residents in, a sub-Saharan African country
  • Proficient in spoken, and written English
  • Between the ages of 25 and 35 years old at the time of application 
  • Individuals holding U.S. citizenship or permanent residency in the United States are not eligible

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Drink Life Beverages ....A Woman Owned Enterprise
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Mission is to increase the diversity of corporate America by increasing the diversity of business school faculty. We attract African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans and Native Americans to business Ph.D. programs, and provide a network of peer support on their journey to becoming professors.

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