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On April 4, 2014, FEMA released the Benefit-Cost Analysis Toolkit Version 5.0 which is now available at http://www.fema.gov/media-library/assets/documents/92923. This toolkit can be used to determine the cost-effectiveness for projects under development for any of FEMA's Hazard Mitigation Assistance programs. As of April 4, 2014, version 4.8 and version 5.0 are the only allowable versions of the BCA Tool.

Benefit-Cost Analysis is a quantitative procedure that assesses the cost-effectiveness of a hazard mitigation measure by taking a long-term view of avoided future damages as compared to the cost of a project. Applications submitted under FEMA’s Hazard Mitigation Assistance programs must use a FEMA-approved Benefit Cost Analysis methodology to demonstrate cost-effectiveness. Cost-effectiveness is typically demonstrated by the calculation of a Benefit Cost Ratio. Projects for which the discounted value of future benefits exceeds the current costs are generally considered cost-effective. Benefits may include avoided damages, loss of function, and displacement.

This toolkit contains a number of new features including the calculation of environmental, social and non-traditional benefits such as volunteer costs, street maintenance costs and National Flood Insurance Program administration and claim costs. FEMA has also updated the life safety values and the methodology for calculating residential displacement costs.

If you have any questions regarding the usage of the tool, please contact the benefit cost helpline at bchelpline@fema.dhs.gov or 1-855-540-6744.

More information on the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program may be found on FEMA’s website at http://www.fema.gov/hazard-mitigation-grant-program.

Information about the Benefit Cost Analysis can be found at http://www.fema.gov/benefit-cost-analysis.

Deadline May 30, 2014. 2014 FEMA Individual and Community Preparedness Awards

april 15, 2014

Apply for the 2014 FEMA Individual and Community Preparedness Awards Today

The application period for the 2014 FEMA Individual and Community Preparedness Awards is now open. Every year we are inspired by the tremendous work being done by so many to prepare their communities for emergencies, or to help their neighbors cope with the effects of a disaster. Our applicants consistently showcase admirable compassion for others, innovative new approaches, and a drive to make a difference in their communities. Download an application, and apply or nominate an individual or organization who inspires you today!  
The awards application period is open through May 30, 2014. All applications must feature achievements taking place between January 1, 2013 and May 30, 2014. Please submit your application to citizencorps@fema.dhs.gov. A distinguished panel of representatives from the emergency management community will select winners in each of the following categories:
·         Outstanding State Citizen Corps Initiatives
·         Outstanding Local Citizen Corps Initiatives
·         Outstanding Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Initiatives
·         Community Preparedness Heroes
·         Outstanding Youth Preparedness Initiatives
·         Awareness to Action
·         Survivor Empowerment and Integration
·         Technological Innovation
·         Preparing the Whole Community
Winners of the 2014 FEMA Individual and Community Preparedness Awards will be announced in Fall 2014 and will be FEMA’s honored guests at a community preparedness roundtable event. As you prepare your application, don’t forget to take a look at previous winners on our website.
We we’re looking forward to hearing about the incredible work that individuals and organizations are doing to make their communities safer, stronger, better prepared, and more resilient! Visit the Awards page on our website for more information on how to apply!
Disclaimer: The reader recognizes that the federal government provides links and informational data on various disaster preparedness resources and events and does not endorse any non-federal events, entities, organizations, services or products. Please let us know about other events and services for individual and community preparedness that could be included in future newsletters by contacting citizencorps@dhs.gov.

Internship Opportunities: WMATA. May 12-August 22, 2014. Washington, D.C.

The summer months are rapidly approaching and students are searching for summer employment.


The WMATA 2014 Summer College Intern Program (SCIP) is scheduled to run from May 12, 2014 thru August 22, 2014.  We will offer approximately 30 internship opportunities across the Authority. Internships will be minimally offered in the following areas:

§  Engineering

§  Police/Emergency Management

§  Accounting

§  Bus Operations

§  Rail Operations

§  Marketing

§  Government Relations

§  Urban Planning & Development

§  Information Technology

§  Human Resources

§  Elevator/Escalator, and

§  Access Services


 The WMATA SCIP requirements are: 

§  Matriculation at an accredited college or university, with the student minimally being a rising college sophomore

§  Major or area of concentration must be aligned with the academic and functional requirements of the position for which the student has applied

§  Minimum cumulative 2.8 GPA

§  Additional departmental or functional requirements may apply per internship


All internship opportunities will be posted and available tomorrow, April 3, 2014 through Saturday, April 5, 2014 for online applications via the WMATA Careers website at www.WMATA.com/Careers.


Due to historically high volume of applications received for the limited number of internship opportunities, the Office of Talent Acquisition reserves the right to take down the postings at any time without notice.


All parties who wish to be considered for an internship opportunity with WMATA must apply online.  If you know a college student who's interested in the transit industry and is seeking a paid internship for the summer, please direct him/her to apply online at our Careers website at www.WMATA.com/Careers.  


If you have any questions, please contact:

Andrea Johnson

Talent Acquisition Supervisor



Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, a Federal contractor, is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, or protected veteran status.




Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals
SDGs - Sustainable Development Goals

American Red Cross: Regional Disaster Cycle Services New and Continued Employment Opportunities: 12/12/2019

Disaster Program Manager – Endicott, NY The Disaster Program Manager position is responsible for the implementation of the disaster ...

..Haiti. We will not forget.


Mission is to increase the diversity of corporate America by increasing the diversity of business school faculty. We attract African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans and Native Americans to business Ph.D. programs, and provide a network of peer support on their journey to becoming professors.