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Hurricane Preparedness Supply Checklist. October 3, 2015

FYI....  An additional item for the following:
Individual and Family Kits:  Water purification kits
Neighborhood and Community:  Emergency Water purification system for communal use during emergencies
Check your local hardware, Lowes, or Home Depot for emergency supplies before and after a disaster event.

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Prepare for Joaquin with our Hurricane Preparedness Checklist
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This hurricane season get prepared with Ace

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Resiliency Building Health Care System of Africa. African Union Leader to Visit School of Medicine in Cuba



African Union Leader to Visit School of Medicine in Cuba

Nkosazana Dlamini-ZumaHavana, Oct 3 (Prensa Latina) Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, chairwoman of the African Union Commission (AU), will on Saturday visit the Latin American School of Medicine, where she will meet with young Africans who are studying in Cuba.
With this activity, the senior AU official will complete the intensive program of her official visit to Cuba, where she met with local authorities, including President Raul Castro, Parliament Speaker Esteban Lazo and Acting Foreign Minister Marcelino Medina.

During her meeting with Raul Castro on Friday, both leaders exchanged viewpoints about the ties of friendship, cooperation and solidarity between Cuba and the African nations.

They particularly highlighted the active participation of Cuban health professionals in the fight against the Ebola epidemic in African countries, and discussed other international issues.

During the meeting between Medina and Dlamini-Zuma, Cuba and the AU Commission expressed their willingness to strengthen ties through deepening dialogue and cooperation on issues of mutual interest, ratified by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding.

As part of her agenda in Cuba, Dlamini-Zuma also visited the "Pedro Kouri" Tropical Medicine Institute, where she thanked the historic solidarity of Cuba with the African continent, especially its support with medical personnel to combat the Ebola epidemic, which affected Western Africa seriously.


Dorsainvil Foundation. Haiti. Community Engagement, and empowerment. Christmas Mission. Dec. 2015

Dear DFI Friends & Supporters,

I am pleased to announce that the Dorsainvil Foundation, Inc. (DFI) is preparing for our annual Winter Medical Mission and Toy Drive. You have previously expressed an interest in volunteering with us on a mission and now is the time to confirm your participation!

The trip is scheduled for December 3 – 7, 2015.

To learn more about this mission trip, please visit our website or follow this link:!mission/c8k2

If you are available to volunteer we need to hear from you soon so we can start making logistical preparations.  We have adopted a more formalized registration process to capture and streamline your donation as a volunteer for the trip.  If you are a DFI mission veteran or generally familiar with our trips then go here to complete our registration form or follow this link:

 Once the form is complete please process your donation payment can be processed through our online Square store at

You can either make your donation over time in installments or pay the entire amount at once.  However, if you prefer to use PayPal please do so.

Finally, if you cannot make the trip please consider supporting the mission with a financial donation, a donation of supplies, or a toy donation for our holiday toy drive. I have also included a flyer for the toy drive so that you may share with your networks.

If you have any questions or concerns about the mission trip or other ways to support DFI please let me know as soon as possible.  I look forward to seeing you all in December!


Dolores Dorsainvil, Esq., Board Chair
Dorsainvil Foundation, Inc.

Please consider the environment before printing this email.

Community involvement, and engagement. Banking Seed in the Brutal Climate.

Community members have to come together and address issues of their community for water & food security, preparedness and planning for the future.

Community members are the 'SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTS' of their community and no other.

Worldwide time to take charge, get involved in your community.  You are the expert.



Banking seeds in a brutal climate

A gathering at the seek bank in El Solis, Guatemala. The community deploys local knowledge of biodiversity to reduce disaster risk and supports International Day for Disaster Reduction. (Photo: UNISDR)
EL SOLĺS, Guatemala, 2 October 2015 - The tiny community of El Solís in rural Guatemala is tapping into its local knowledge on biodiversity and maintaining a native seeds bank to help it cope with drought, food insecurity and climate change. 

El Solís is a small community of 51 families or 306 persons, located in the basin of the San Vicente River, Zacapa Department. Only 10 family homes have electricity. 98% of the population is dedicated to seasonal agriculture for family subsistence, which is complemented by migrant labour. 

In the community, traditional knowledge on biodiversity and growing practices has been handed down through generations, an important survival tool in hard times. 

Its territory lies within one of the driest zones of Guatemala, the “Dry Corridor”. It suffers water source scarcity and low levels of rainfall. The terrain is steep and arid, with little vegetation, low potential for crops and limited food availability. 

In these harsh conditions, the people cultivate corn and beans, an essential part of their daily diet. Success depends on water, weather and seeds availability. In 2014 the farmers of the area estimated crop losses at over 60%. Predictions for the future are not positive either. 

The community has allied itself with the Partners for Resilience (PfR). and set up a Coordination Committee with 22 participating families including older persons, guardians of local knowledge on biodiversity. 

Through a technical and practical workshop on seed conservation techniques, the Native Seed Bank was designed and its management was planned. Basic regulations and internal agreements were made for its long-term execution. 

After selecting the location and its concession for 10 years, the building started and required materials were provided, so that the Seed Bank could start operating. It include silos, containers and shelves. The elders and youngsters together collected, selected and naturally treated the seeds native to the area, which were stored in the Seed Bank. 

In this way, a germplasm bank was created that now sustains traditional agrobiodiversity, especially of grains species. In the future, fruit, vegetables and medicinal herbs and native tree species will be included, many of which are threatened by hybrid and genetically modified seeds. 

Of special importance is the conservation of the basic native grains of corn (Zea mayz) and bean (Phaseolus vulgaris). They are the grains that practically sustain the existence and development of the community. 

“We are very happy with the Native Seed Bank. It is the way to secure our food, for our family and community, but most of all it guarantees that the ways that our grandfathers and fathers taught us to cultivate the land and take care of our seeds is maintained. These seeds are our own and we hope to maintain them so that we can keep on feeding our children and grandchildren for years and years,” said Juárez Asencio, elder and member of the Coordination Committee. 

“With this Seed Bank we have the opportunity to store our basic grains or basic seeds so that they can be reproduced and exchanged at any time. I am thankful for this opportunity for our people, our farmers, with a vision towards assuring food security, which is priceless,” said Javier Antonio Ortiz, Mayor of de Cabañas. 

*The community of El Solís has been nominated as a Community Champion of Disaster Risk Reduction to make International Day for Disaster Reduction on October 13 which celebrates local knowledge this year. Sign up for the International Day Thunderclap

**Partners for Resilience – PfR in Guatemala is formed by Red Cross, the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Center, CARE and Wetlands International, plus local partners of the Guatemalan Red Cross, Cáritas Diócesis de Zacapa and Asociación Vivamos Mejor.

The Black Emergency Managers Association International support(s) the Sustainable Development Goals

The Black Emergency Managers Association International support(s) the Sustainable Development Goals

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