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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Job openings: Hyattsville, MD; Sacramento, CA; Emmitsburg, MD; Denver, CO; Alexandria, VA: Hyattsville, MD

Supervisory Emergency Management Specialist (Recovery) (GS-12)
Job: FEMA-16-LC-110701-DE
Closes: 29 Jul 2016

Sacramento, CA
Emergency Management Specialist (GS-12)
Army Corps of Engineers
Job: WTKC16XXXXXX1757393
Closes: 8 Aug 2016

Emmitsburg, MD
Training Specialist (GS-13)
Job: FEMA-16-LC-111787-MP
Closes: 29 Jul 2016

Denver, CO
Emergency Management Specialist (GS-14)
US Army North
Job: NCFR164181091758295
Closes: 3 Aug 2016

Alexandria, VA
Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator (Regional Planner)
City Government
Job: 2016-00352
Closes: 1 Aug 2016…/deputy-emergency-managemen…

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