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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

UPO and the path to self-sufficiency. October 18, 2016

The path to self-sufficiency can be long and often requires more than attending a few training classes. Dedication and commitment are required for our customers to move from where they are to the next level of education, employment and empowerment!

We are delighted to celebrate the first work anniversary of three customers placed in jobs through our Workforce Development Division!!

Herman Brown came to UPO after struggling with inconsistent day labor. He yearned for stability and our team of job developers helped him find it!

Waynika Simms was a single mother unable to land a job with the flexibility she needed. UPO helped place her in a role that allows her to be present and provide for her child!

Deonte Caldwell  was unsure of his interests but knew he wanted a career. UPO helped him identify his strengths and secure a job with room for growth!

Herman, Waynika and Deonte are all employed as Parking Enforcement Officers with the DC Department of Public Works! UPO partners with many of the area's top employers to place individuals that are seeking immediate work. 

After completing Job Readiness training, coordinated through UPO's Workforce Development Division, job developers provide referral and placement services for hundreds of customers each year!

Equipped with revised resumes, interview prep and support services, customers are able to enter the workforce and immediately start earning a living wage!

UPO is committed to uniting customers with opportunities for economic independence. Herman, Waynika and Deonte are members of the UPO family and will continue to have our support! #MoveToEmployment



About UPO's Workforce Development

The Workforce Development Division offers Employment Workshops and Job Readiness Programs, job assistance and placement services, and referrals to many other support services for which customers may be eligible!

UPO's "wrap around approach" offers customers both soft and hard skills training. Our Workforce Development Division diligently works with our customers to provide them with job readiness skills through interview preparation, resume writing and job placement services all needed to land their next position!

In 2015, more than 1,000 people received workforce and career counseling with 800+ being placed directly in jobs!

"I'm so glad that UPO developed a program that teaches and prepares you to get a job." 
- Workforce Development Graduate

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