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Friday, October 7, 2016

USAID Job Opportunity in Guinea - Senior Policy & Strategy Advisor for USAID/Guinea & Sierra Leone

                                                                           ISSUANCE DATE:  OCTOBER 06, 2016                         
CLOSING DATE: OCTOBER 21, 2016 16:30pm Guinea Local Time


Ladies and Gentlemen:
Submission shall be in accordance with this solicitation and at the place and time specified.  In order to be considered for the position a candidate must meet the minimum qualifications listed in the solicitation. The Senior Policy & Strategy Advisor position will be located in Conakry, Republic of Guinea.

Interested applicants must submit all the materials required by the solicitation:

  • Cover Letter;
  • Curriculum Vitae or resume;
  • Form AID 302-3 (available at;   
  • Supplemental document addressing the evaluation factors;
  • List of three professional references who are familiar with your work experience.

All application packages are to be submitted to:

Via email: or

Via courier:  Supervisory Executive Office
             USAID/Guinea & Sierra Leone
        c/o American Embassy
        Transversale No. 2
        Centre Administratif de Koloma
        B.P. 603, Conakry, Guinea

Please cite the solicitation number and position title within the subject line of your email application. Any attachments provided via email must be in a format compatible with Microsoft Word 2003 or PDF and not zipped. Note that attachments to email must not exceed 3 MB. Application letters and Form AID 302-3 must be signed. Incomplete and unsigned applications/forms will not be considered.
USAID/Guinea & Sierra Leone anticipates awarding one (1) Personal Service Contract as a result of this solicitation.  Please note that this does not constitute any guarantee that a PSC will be awarded as result of this solicitation nor does it constitute any authorization by USAID to reimburse costs incurred in the preparation of an application. Any questions on this solicitation should be sent to Cheryl Davis at


Cheryl Davis
Supervisory Executive Officer

SOLICITATION NUMBER:                                675-16-000009                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

ISSUANCE DATE:                                             October 6, 2016

CLOSING DATE/TIME:                                    October 21, 2016 AT 16:30 pm Guinea local Time

POSITION TITLE:                                              SENIOR POLICY & STRATEGY ADVISOR 

MARKET VALUE:                                              GS-14 ($87,263.00 to $113,444.00) and for GS-13 ($73,846 to $96,004). Is the equivalent market value for this position. Final compensation will be negotiated within the listed market value based upon the candidate’s past salary, work history and educational background. Salaries over and above the top of the pay range will not be entertained or negotiated.

AREA OF CONSIDERATION:                           Open to U.S. citizens and Third Country Nationals

A U.S. citizen for purposes of this definition also
includes persons who at the time of contracting are
lawfully admitted permanent residents of the United States.

A Third Country National by definition is an individual who is neither a citizen of the United States nor of the country to which assigned for duty, and who is eligible for return travel to the TCN's home country or country from which recruited at U.S. Government expense.

PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE:                          One (1) year with an option to extend.  Extensions will be contingent on satisfactory performance, continued need for the services and availability of funds.

PLACE OF PERFORMANCE:                            Conakry, Guinea, with frequent travel to Sierra Leone

SECURITY/MEDICAL CLEARANCES:               Security Clearance:
                                                                                          US citizens - SECRET
                                                                                          TCNPSCs - Employment authorization
                                                                        The final selected candidates must obtain security and medical clearances within a reasonable period of time. USAID will provide details regarding these clearances to the selected candidate). If such clearances are not obtained within a reasonable time or negative suitability issues are involved, any offer made may be rescinded.


1.0  The SPSA advises the Mission Director on a myriad of operational and policy issues involving front office relations with staff and partners, on relations and activities with the Government of Guinea, and on donor and international organization coordination activities.  The Senior Policy and Strategy Advisor is part of the Program Office and supervised by the Supervisory Program Officer.

B. Summary of Duties

The SPSA is a senior advisor for the Mission’s overall external and internal policy procedures and strategic issues.  Work involves the study and analysis of Guinea’s development context and potential, advising the Mission on activities and relations with Government of Guinea officials and strategy and coordination with donors active in Guinea.  S/he will be responsible for advising the Mission on major multilateral development issues including the Poverty Reduction Strategy (DRSP) designed by the World Bank and donors.
The incumbent will direct policy and strategic planning activities and will be supervised by the Supervisory Program Officer.  The SPSA will advise the Mission Director on broad donor and host government relations, USAID strategy development, and other development issues as required.  The incumbent will work with all levels of USAID/Guinea officers including USAID management, team leaders and members of technical teams, as well as with Senior Embassy staff.  The position requires that the incumbent have excellent interpersonal and communication skills and an ability to work with teams, partners, GOG officials, and with other USG and international agencies. 


The SPSA performs the following duties:

 1.  Strategy Development, Program Planning, Budgeting and Reporting:  (70%)

•          Works with donors, the private sector, senior government officials and all USG agencies to deepen understanding of national development constraints, policies and practices, and conceptualize an integrated portfolio of activities which reflects country needs. Is responsive to USAID/Washington policy guidance and its mandate for sustainable development.

•          Drafts USAID points of view and briefs host government officials, bilateral and multilateral donors, private individuals and others as needed on USG development assistance programs, policies, objectives and development priorities, ensuring coordination and achievement of maximum development impact with USAID resources.

•          Ensures availability of technical and program resources based on availability of funds to accomplish USAID objectives.

•          Assists in the preparation of the annual Operational Plan (OP) and Performance Plan and Report (PPR) for both Guinea and Sierra Leone.

•          Leads preparation of Mission budget allowance requests and field support database submissions.

•          Assists in the preparation of responses to information requests from USAID/Washington on budget issues and other matters.

2.   Donor Coordination (10%)

•          Advises Mission on major donor coordination activities and issues in Guinea, recommends and drafts USAID positions and develops excellent interpersonal relations with donors and contacts.  Participates actively in all donor coordination meetings and ensures strong USAID/Guinea participation in technical sector participation.

•          Advises USAID on multilateral activities and issues in Guinea, including the World Bank and GOG Poverty Reduction Strategy.

3.   Government of Guinea Activities (20%)

•          Is the Mission’s lead interlocutor with Government of Guinea Officials and advises Mission on major activities and issues.  Is the principal contact with the Ministry of Cooperation and Plan and ensures close coordination with the Ministries and USAID activities.  Holds workshops and meetings as appropriate.

•          Ensures robust interaction is occurring between appropriate GOG Ministries and USAID.


1)     Education: (20 points)

At a minimum, the applicant must have:

For GS-13:   A Bachelor's degree in a development-related field with course work in research/evaluation methodology, (e.g. Economics, History, Political Science, Psychology or relevant Social Science field is required;

For GS-14:   A Master's degree (MA, MBA, MS or MPH) is required. 

2)  Work Experience: (25 points)
For GS-13:  Seven (7) years.

For GS-14:  Ten (10) of which two (2) years of supervisory experience (including but not limited to mentoring, training and guiding staff).

For both grades: Experience in the design, management, implementation, and evaluation of international development activities, including strategic planning and performance-based management, and project design and feasibility.  A combination of activity design and management skills is desirable.  Familiarity with technical issues in public health, democracy, education, environment or economic growth is a plus.  Specific knowledge and experience working in Guinea is a plus. The SPSA must have experience with US Government procedures and processes and in working in complex political and development contexts, and be adept at working with the international actors working in and setting in the country. Experience working in a developing country and on strategic management, results frameworks and performance monitoring and measurement. 

3)         Knowledge, Abilities and Skills: (35 points)
Current knowledge of international development theories and best practices, planning and operating systems is required.  Superior intellectual, analytic and problem-solving skills to address development challenges and resolve implementation obstacles exemplified through work history.  Advanced organizational and management skills, including excellent ability to synthesize information, identify needs and set realistic priorities, keep multiple tasks on track and meet tight deadlines is required.  The successful candidate must have demonstrated supervisory skills and the capacity to professionally represent USAID. Familiarity with acquisition and assistance is also desirable. Demonstrated history of effectiveness in a multicultural team environment, working with a wide range of individuals and organizations in a developing country context. Proven ability to explain complicated processes clearly, facilitate productive multi-disciplinary teamwork, motivate and professionally mentor less experienced colleagues. Strong human relations skills and demonstrated ability to be persuasive, culturally sensitive, and diplomatic with a range of audiences, including successful relations with high level officials, such as the host government, Embassy and USG, VIP visitors, NGO and donor representatives.  Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to mentor and train new and junior staff is strongly preferred.  Strong computer skills and proficiency in MS Office software is required.

4)         Communication and Language: (20 points)
Strong written and oral communication skills are required along with demonstrated ability to gather and convey information clearly and concisely, to make oral presentations and prepare verbal interpretation, concise documents, reports and other written materials. Bilingual in English and French.  Excellent written and oral communication skills in English and French. Ability to produce well-written documents under tight deadlines.  Demonstrated interpersonal, teamwork, and organizational skills.



Supervision Received:  All work is performed under the general supervision of the Supervisory Program Officer or his/her designee.  The Supervisory Program Officer (or designee) reviews all work for adherence to general policies and procedures. Supervisor provides guidance on overall objectives, priorities, and deadlines. The candidate's work is accepted as technically accurate without detailed review. 

Supervision Exercised:  None.

Exercise of Judgment:  All work is done independently according to policies, previous training, accepted practice, programmatic guidance provided by the supervisor, and general guidance provided by USAID's ADS. As an expert and professional, substantial reliance is placed on the candidate to independently plan and perform the specific activities entailed in carrying out the major duties and responsibilities.

Available Guidelines: 

The Automated Directives System (ADS), Mission Orders/Notices, and USAID policy and strategy statements serve as guidelines in the fulfillment of duties and responsibilities.
Authority to make commitments:   None

Nature, Level and Purpose of Contacts:  Develops and maintains an extensive range of professional contacts with business and host country officials and with community leaders for the purpose of obtaining or verifying published and unpublished information related to USAID's program, understanding the monitoring systems used of the GOG and GOSL and the capacity of private, non-governmental and research organizations to undertake surveys, analytical research, etc.

Travel:  The position covers USAID activities in two countries, Guinea and Sierra Leone.  While based in Conakry, Guinea, the successful candidate may be expected to travel on occasion to Freetown as well as rural areas of both countries to support activities.

Time required to perform full range of duties:  The incumbent is expected to be an expert in the field of program design, policy & planning.

Physical Demands/ Work Environment: The work is sedentary and performed in an office setting.


Interested individuals are required to submit the following:

• Fully completed and hand-signed copy of Form a302-3 can be found at

(Note: All applicants must submit complete dates (months/years) and hours per week for all positions listed on the Form a302-3 to allow for adequate evaluation of your related and direct experiences.)

• Cover letter and a current resume/curriculum vita (CV). The CV/resume must contain sufficient relevant information to evaluate the application in accordance with the stated evaluation criteria. Broad general statements that are vague or lacking specificity will not be considered as effectively addressing particular selection criteria.

• Applicants must provide a minimum of three and a maximum of five references within the last five years of the applicant’s professional life from individuals who are not family members or relatives. Three references must be from direct supervisors who can provide information regarding the applicant’s knowledge of contracting work. Applicants must provide e-mail addresses and/or working telephone numbers for all references.

• Applicants also must address the above Section 3.0: Selection Criteria in a summary statement to be included in the application. This summary statement, limited to two pages, must describe specifically and accurately what experience, training, education, and/or awards the applicant has received that are relevant to each selection factor above. The summary statement must include the name of the applicant and the announcement number at the top of each page. Failure to provide this summary statement may result in the applicant not receiving credit for all pertinent experience, education, training, and/or awards.

Application letters and Form a302-3 must be signed. Incomplete and unsigned applications/forms will not be considered.


Forms outlined below can found at:

1)     Application for Application for Federal Employment (AID 302-3);.
2)     Contractor Physical Examination (AID Form 1420-62). *
3)     Questionnaire for Sensitive Positions (for National Security)(SF-86), or *
4)     Questionnaire for Non-Sensitive Positions (SF-85). *
5)     Finger Print Card (FD-258). *

* Forms 2 through 5 shall be completed only upon the advice of the Contracting Officer that an applicant is the successful candidate for the job.

7.0 ACQUISITION AND ASSISTANCE POLICY DIRECTIVES (AAPDs) contain information or changes pertaining to USAID policy, regulation and procedures concerning acquisition and assistance including Personal Service Contracts. Please refer to the USAID website  to locate relevant AAPDs.

CIBs and AAPDSs contain information or changes pertaining to USAID policy and General Provisions in USAID regulation and procedures concerning acquisition and assistance including Personal Service Contracts can be found at: AIDAR Appendix D and J apply to USPSC and TCNPSC respectively and can be found at

As a matter of policy and as appropriate, a USPSC is normally authorized benefits and allowances in accordance with AIDAR Appendix D and other relevant Agency and Mission polices. Third Country Nationals (TCNs), as a matter of policy and as appropriate are authorized benefits and allowances in accordance with AIDAR Appendix J and other relevant Agency and Mission polices.

Employee’s FICA and Medicare (US Citizens only)
Contribution toward Health & Life Insurance
Pay Comparability Adjustment (Annual across board salary increase)
Annual Increase (pending a satisfactory performance evaluation)
Eligibility for Worker's Compensation
Annual & Sick Leave

ALLOWANCES (If applicable).
(A)Temporary Lodging Allowance (Section 120).
(B) Living Quarters Allowance (Section 130).
(C) Post Allowance (Section 220).
(D)Supplemental Post Allowance (Section 230).
(E) Separate Maintenance Allowance (Section 260).
(F) Education Allowance (Section 270).
(G)Education Travel (Section 280).
(H)Post Differential (Chapter 500).
(I) Payments during Evacuation/Authorized Departure (Section 600)

FEDERAL TAXES: USPSCs are not exempt from payment of Federal and State Income Taxes. 

10.0 ADMINISTRATIVE REQUIREMENTS AND LOGISTICAL SUPPORT:                                    

TCN PSC Contractors are compensated in accordance with AIDAR Appendix D titled “Direct USAID Contracts with a U.S. Citizen or a U.S. Resident Alien for Personal Services Abroad, paragraphs 4(c), (d), (e), (g), (h), and (i) and also according to the Compensation and Allowances Matrix approved by the Mission Director.


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