Monday, May 8, 2017

International Job Opportunities. DevelopmentAid. May 8, 2017

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Training and QM Officer - Gao, Mali

Compliance Specialist – US Government Donors

Compliance Specialist – UN Agencies

Field Coordinator - South

Field Coordinator

Chief Of Party/Program Director, Feed The Future

National Experts: Labour market specialist-Cat II-(Serbia, Georgia, Morocco, Egypt)

Short-term consultants - Private Sector

Jurist (KE4)

Expert in Legal Computer Science (KE3)

Magistrate (KE2)

Planner-Economist / Team Leader (KE1)

Expert 4 (Cat. III): Financial Expert

Expert 3 (Cat. III): Environmental Expert

Expert 2 (Cat. I): Sludge Process Expert

Expert 1 (cat. I): Sludge management policy expert / Team Leader

International Short-Term Expert/Team Leader

Country Operations Coordinator

Senior Technical Advisor

TiEG Egypt (161) FWC Lot2 Expert (Cat. I) KE2: Senior Energy Expert

Expert 4– Social policy expert (Category II, 50 days)

Technical Lead Specialist: School Leadership and Management

TiEG Egypt (161) FWC Lot2 Expert (Cat. I) KE1: Senior Water Specialist

Expert 3 – Architect (Category III, 120 days)

Expert 2 – Civil engineer (Category II, 140 days)

Budget, Planing & Reporting Manager

Expert 1 – Civil Engineer Team leader (Category I, 60 days)

Technical Advisor, Food Security and Livelihoods

Experts (Cat. II): 2 Experts on Public Finance Management & 2 Experts on Education

Expert (Cat. I): Team Leader

Social Policy Expert (cat II) (50 Working days)

Architect (cat III) (120 Working days)

Civil engineer (cat II) (140 Working days)

Team Leader-Civil engineer (Cat I) (60 Working days)


2 Ingénieurs Agronome

Ingénieur en Agroalimentaire/Agrindustrie - 6 Techniciens

Coordonnateur de projet, spécialiste en irrigation

Ingénieur Horticole-Ingénieur Agronome (grandes cultures)

Ingénieur Agronome (Zootechnicien, production animale) - Ingénieur Agroéconomiste-Ingénieur Phytopathologiste ou Phytiatre

Key expert 2: SAP (Category I)

Key expert 1: IPSAS (Category I)

Expert Socioéconomiste

Chef de Mission

Apparel Production Expert

Chef de projet - Gouvernance

Country Director - Jordan

Resident Director: Eurasia

Chief of Party

Expert n°2 (Cat. III): Socio économiste, appui au chef de mission

Expert n°1 (Cat. I): Expert en gestion du service public de l'eau, chef de mission

Consultant- Financial/accountant specialist (Local Expert)

Legal Expert

Consultant for organization of training (Local Expert)

Consultant for development of training program (International Expert)

Consultant – Legal specialist (Local Expert)


Consultant-financial specialist/accountant (Local Expert)

Consultant for training and development of workforce (International)

EU Days and Higher Education Outreach expert

Team Leader (Local Expert)

Team Leader – Public Diplomacy and Outreach Expert

Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant

Field Health Coordinator

Legal Expert

Capacity building & Training Specialist


Shariah Governance Specialist

Banking Specialist

Microfinance Specialist/ Team Leader


Recruiter (Washington, DC)

Staff Accountant (Washington, DC)

Women Empowerment and Protection Coordinator

Local Finance, Administration and Operations Manager, USAID/West Africa Peace through Evaluation, Learning and Adapting (PELA), Ghana

Senior Director, Compensation & Benefits

Local Monitoring and Evaluation & Learning (MEL) Specialists, USAID/West Africa Peace through Evaluation, Learning and Adapting (PELA), Ghana

DCA/SME Banking Outreach Expert

Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning Director, Kenya

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Manager, Nepal

Chief of Party

Deputy Chief of Party, Nepal

Finance and Operation Manager, Nepal

Monitoring and Evaluations Officer

Senior, M&E Advisor, Ukraine

Project Manager, Democratic Republic of Congo


Deputy Chief of Party, Ukraine

Finance and Administration Officer, Democratic Republic of Congo

Chief of Party, Nepal

Senior Expert - Specialist in Hospital Management

Key Senior Expert - Specialist in Territorial Planning

Team Leader - Health Sector Reform Program (PASS II)

Consultant – Project Manager Manual Creation

Expert Informatique (m/f)

Middle East Region Partnership and Business Development Advisor

Expert (Cat. I): DRM Specialist

Senior Expert 1 (Cat. I): Senior Team Leader Evaluator


Expert(e) Senior Spécialiste en Appui au Personnel Dirigeant Hospitalier

Expert(e) Senior en Planification Territoriale

Spécialiste en Gestion Administrative et Financière



17-194: Monitoring & Evaluation Consultant

17-195: Program Director

Resident Engineer (Civil) National Position

Team Leader

SQL/Salesforce programmer


Food Security and Agronomy Specialist, Ghana


State Building Specialist

Monitoring & Evaluation Consultant

Key expert 2: SAP (Category I), for an estimated maximum duration of 120 days.

Key expert 1: IPSAS (Category I)

Team Leader

Chief of Party-Orphans and Vulnerable Children (PEPFAR)

Chief of Party

Program Officer: ASIA

Civil Service Management Specialist

Head of Finance (m/f)

l'évaluation à mi-parcours du projet de renforcement des capacités de lutte contre le blanchiment des capitaux en Afrique de l'Ouest (SAMWA)

Team Leader/Senior Project Management Officer

Team Leader/Senior Project Management Officer

Principal senior spécialiste en appui au personnel dirigeant hospitalier (gouvernance, qualité des soins, renforcement des compétences) (KE3)

Principal senior en planification territoriale (KE2)

Principal senior spécialiste en gestion administrative et financière (KE1)

SA- Waste Expert

Program Assistant

Senior Program Assistant: ASIA

Program Officer: ASIA

Program Officer: ASIA

Program Officer: ASIA

Program Officer: ASIA

Program Officer: ASIA

Program Officer: ASIA

Program Officer: ASIA

Program Officer: ASIA

Program Officer: ASIA

Program Officer: ASIA

Program Officer: ASIA

Program Officer: ASIA

Program Officer: ASIA

Program Officer: ASIA

Program Officer: ASIA

Program Officer: ASIA

Program Officer: ASIA

Program Officer: ASIA

Program Officer: ASIA

Program Officer: ASIA

Intern/Project Assistant: Central and Eastern Europe (Summer 2017)

Director of Collaboration, Learning, and Adaptation, FtF, Kenya

Director of Collaboration, Learning, and Adaptation, FtF, Kenya

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