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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Summer 2017. Volunteer Opportunities still available. PGC-YCCP Homeland Security Capstone Program

BEMA International members:

Mark Dozier, President Critical-Path Solutions and I volunteered as subject matter experts in homeland security and emergency management for the Prince Georges County Youth Career-Connect Program (PGC-YCCC) Homeland Security Summer Capstone held at Bowie State University.

Our future leaders are ready to take on the responsibility and challenge.  High school participants were comprised of sophomores and juniors.  Both Mark and I were HIGHLY impressed by their attention, questions, interest in job opportunities locally, nationally, and globally.

Volunteer opportunities are still available in cybersecurity, biotechnology, public health, water & food security, and other critical infrastructure sectors.  Opportunities are also available for speakers during normal academic year at high schools throughout the county.

Prince Georges County is developing high standard programs in each of the areas above, and your contributions are needed.



Prince George County, Maryland
Youth CareerConnect Program Participants
Homeland Security Capstone Summer 2017

Mark Dozier, President Critical-Path Solutions and Charles Sharp, CEO BEMA International introduction to high school and mentor of program, career opportunities, and other insights in homeland security & emergency management with focus on types of disasters.  Mentors composed of Bowie State University students that contributed to stimulating the discussions.

Following the morning 2-hour session, and after lunch.  Five groups were created to focus and address one separate competency areas in planning, preparedness, response, recovery, mitigation for specific scenario event at their high school.  Role playing, and the need for whole community participation addressed.

Each group and selected representative give a brief presentation of how using the competency assigned address the issues of the scenario.  Our goal were no wrong answers, but to get each student participating in the process to bring in fresh ideas, and new approaches.

Mark and I both discussed openly the importance of planning for career development now as high school students academically, and addressing other issues of financial, and social responsibility for security clearances in the future.  Careful attention to Facebook and other social media applications, friendship, and staying focused on individual, and family responsibilities.

One additional key area focused upon was that we are expecting one you them as future leaders to take our place in what we’re doing in our career fields, and for our communities.  Not only in our career fields but others are mentoring, educating, and training a new generation to take out place.

This was truly a rewarding experience. 

Mark, thanks for participating.  Our next assignment with the group is….disaster operations, and scenario stimulation. 

Charles D. Sharp
Black Emergency Managers Association

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