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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

International Job Opportunities. ALNAP. March 27, 2017

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Welcome to the weekly jobs and opportunities update from the ALNAP website.
There have been new posts added in the last week. You can browse all the listings by going to the Jobs & Opportunities section of our website.
All the best,

ALNAP Secretariat

Consultant for Final Evaluation of CAFOD UK Aid Match Round 2 Programme

Organisation: CAFOD UKs
23 Mar 2018
Deadline: 11 Apr 2018


Consultancy for evidence review of cash transfers and child protection in emergencies

Organisation: World Vision International
22 Mar 2018
Deadline: 01 Apr 2018

With the financial support from the UK Department for International Development (DFID), HI has been implementing a project aiming at promoting access to sustainable comprehensive rehabilitation services and other essential services for Syrian crisis affected most vulnerable population with functional limitations. This 2-years project was proposed as a transition from humanitarian-oriented interventions to more sustainable actions in a context of protracted Syrian crisis, decreasing humanitarian funds, systematic and supported call for transition to more sustainable actions benefiting the wider Jordan.
HI Jordan remains committed to continue strengthening the local and national rehabilitation systems, support the inclusion of people with disabilities and promotion of the fulfilment of their rights. This evaluation aims at providing a constructive look on the achievements of the project ending in March 2018 and guiding the next implementation phase during 2018 -2021. The financial support of key partners such as DFID has been secured. Therefore, this evaluation will look at the adequacy of the action with the Jordanian context of protracted Syrian crisis and reach of the most vulnerable population and the level of strengthening of the Jordanian system achieved through this pilot project and the recommend orientations for the next phase.
The independent final evaluation will use the following criteria: impact, Relevance / appropriateness, synergy, Sustainability / connectedness, Accountability and Value for Money. The overall evaluation including the sharing workshop should be completed no later than June 2018.


Protection in Humanitarian Action eLearning Content Design Consultant

Organisation: United Nations High Commissioner For Refugees (UNHCR)
21 Mar 2018
Deadline: 04 Apr 2018

1. Context:
World Vision’s South Syria Area Office is partnering with the Syrian NGO as implementing partner, to implement a one year OFDA grant - Comprehensive and Integrated Health Assistance in Dar’a Governorate (CIHAD). The CIHAD project delivers health and protection support to conflict-affected populations in Dar’a Governorate,Southern Syria. These portfolios cover a wide range of PHC components including reproductive health, Communicable and non-communicable diseases, maternal and neonatal health such Ante-natal Care (ANC) and postnatal Care (PNC).
WVI is moving towards having the program data and information compiled and entered into an efficient Health Information System (HIS).
Moreover, as part of this project, World Vision conducted Organizational Capacity Assessment of UOSSM and one of the areas requiring capacity building included data management and data sharing protocols between PHCs and end user – World Vision.
Specifically, the consultant will undertake the following tasks:
2. Scope of work:
  • Assess current documentation containing health information (case load data, clinic reports, referral reports and other available sources of health data provided by the partner) received from South Syria
  • Assess information sharing protocols and pathways between the field, partner office in Gaziantep and World Vision staff in Jordan
  • Provide a detailed plan on specific improvements for health information management, including developing or adjusting existing forms, protocols for filling in the forms by the implementing partner to ensure clarity and reliability of data flow
  • Design, if required, specific forms or, if relevant, assess the feasibility of rolling out the HIMS software including suggesting the software and its roll out
  • Set a detailed plan of how to roll the chosen system for WVI HIS
  • Develop a plan for sustainability of the System and the potentials for expanding on it
  • Train WV staff and partner staff to be the focal persons for implementing the roll out of the system and its management including South Syria based staff
  • Train data entry in the field on information management in line with the developed data management tools
  • The training should cover the elements of user guides and understanding protocols guidelines and ensuring a well-functioning System
Additionally: a consultant/company may propose more than one individual; part of the work is to be delivered in South Syria and proposals with direct (not remote) trainings for Syria based staff are welcome. If trainings are to be delivered remotely, the consultant is to provide a plan on how these to be administered
3. Requirements:
  • The consultant/company has proven track record of managing health information, working with existing systems and/or designing software or excel-based HIMSs. The consultant /company is able to conduct competency training for the key persons involved in the implementation of the health program, including partner health and M&E staff.
  • Experience of working with NGOs is highly desirable
  • For individual consultants - background in M&E and health information management
  • Knowledge of Arabic is required (majority of original documents is in Arabic
4. Deliverables
  • Report of currently used data collection methods and gaps analysis
  • HIMS, either excel based or specialized software adapted to the needs of the partner and replicable for other projects
  • Provide materials to be used as “User Guidelines’
  • Training of partner staff on using the developed HIMS
  • Detailed final report including “how to use the HMIS”.

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