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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Job Opportunity: Security and Emergency Management Coordinator. Golden Triangle BID. Nonprofit.


Security and Emergency Management Program Manager

Founded in 1997, the Golden Triangle Business Improvement District (BID) encompasses 43 square downtown blocks and works to enhance the public space from the White House to Dupont Circle and 16th Street, NW to 21st Street, NW. The BID’s vision is for a safe, clean, attractive, and user-friendly downtown that confirms Washington as the premier business and entertainment destination in the region and contributes to the perception that downtown Washington is a world-class destination.

In addition to its focus of maintaining an environment that is clean, safe, and welcoming, the BID regularly initiates capital improvements to create attractive and unique urban spaces throughout the Golden Triangle neighborhood. The BID has taken the lead on developing and implementing permanent public art projects, converting hardscapes to bio-retention areas, improving parks through design, and transforming the Connecticut Avenue streetscape from K Street NW to Dupont Circle.

The day-to-day management is overseen by a full-time staff headquartered in the center of the BID. The BID is a non-profit 501(c)(6) corporation that elects a Board of Directors to govern its activities and is currently one of approximately ten Washington-based Business Improvement Districts.

The Golden Triangle BID’s award-winning Safety, Security, and Emergency Preparedness Program works to foster a safe environment, ensure neighborhood security, and assist businesses and individuals in preparing for emergencies. Through daily communication and coordination, the BID leverages strategic partnerships with numerous local and Federal law enforcement, emergency management, homeland security, and other public safety agencies, in addition to property management companies and businesses within the BID, to mitigate ever-evolving challenges. Furthermore, the BID creates numerous training and educational opportunities that prepare organizations and individuals to take appropriate actions before, during, and after disruptive incidents and emergencies. When significant incidents and emergencies occur, the BID takes a key role in ensuring coordination and information sharing between stakeholders. Working together allows our neighborhood to be better protected and prepared.

The Security and Emergency Management Coordinator will be responsible for supporting a variety of activities related to improving neighborhood safety, security, and emergency preparedness.

§ Assists with coordination and information sharing between first responders, property managers, Golden Triangle Ambassadors, and other stakeholders. Efforts occur before, during, and after emergencies, disruptive incidents, special events, and other public safety concerns.
§ Manages and maintains emergency communication systems and contact lists used to notify businesses, buildings, and key stakeholders of incidents affecting the neighborhood.
§ Advances emergency preparedness and general safety awareness. This includes assisting with the development and delivery of emergency preparedness and business continuity trainings and exercises for property management companies and organizations throughout the BID. Topics include shelter-in-place, building evacuation, severe weather, utility disruption, cyber security, etc.
§ Supports special initiatives that enhance the ability for individuals, organizations, and property management companies to effectively and efficiently prepare for, respond to, and recover from disruptive incidents and emergencies.
§ Addresses complex public safety policies and regulations affecting the neighborhood by working with key stakeholders and agencies.
§ Tracks crime information and supports case coordination efforts between property management companies, law enforcement partners, and the court system.
§ Supports a variety of internal emergency preparedness efforts, such as documenting and updating emergency response and business continuity plans and providing focused training and tabletop exercises to staff and Ambassadors.
§ Maintains IT systems and communication equipment used during emergencies and continuity situations.
§ Other duties as assigned.

§ 2-4 years of related work experience.
§ Experience working with local government agencies and/or private-sector organizations.
§ Experience writing emergency plans and providing emergency preparedness training to small and large groups of people.
§ Familiarity with the National Incident Management System (NIMS), first responder experience is a plus.
§ Passion for community preparedness.
§ Strong analytical and interpersonal skills.
§ Excellent oral communication and written skills, with particular attention to detail.
§ Ability to be customer service focused, yet persistent and results oriented.
§ Good working knowledge of Microsoft Office.
§ Be able to work outdoors approximately 20% of your time to assess and address issues on the street.

§ Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, homeland security, emergency management, or a closely-related field.

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Leslie Ribakow | Senior Vice President
4630 Montgomery Avenue | Suite #200  
Bethesda, MD
| 20814
301-657-8866 – Main | 301-654-9879 – Direct |

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