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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Internship Opportunity: NYC. GIS & Hazard Mitigation. Deadline: September 9, 2018

GIS & Hazard Mitigation Intern
Tech. & Strategic Resources/Geographic Information Systems
Joshua Friedman
Number of Interns Needed: 1
Preferred Education Level: Bachelor/Graduate
Background on Project:

Local and State jurisdictions must have a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) approved
Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP) to receive FEMA hazard mitigation funds after a Presidential Disaster Declaration. HMPs must be updated every five years, and the next update is due in 2019. The primary goal of N’s HMP is to serve as a comprehensive resource for addressing the hazards that pose a threat to the city and actions that could reduce the impacts from these hazards. The 2019 HMP update will be a website with interactive maps and data exploration tools.

The New York City Emergency Management (NYCEM) Geographic Information Systems (GIS) unit has been working with the Hazard Mitigation planning team and a consultant to create a Hazard History & Consequence (HH&C) tool to understand the impact of past hazard events on New York City. This tool brings together data from various city agencies, FEMA, and other sources to create a comprehensive view of how each hazard event has impacted the city’s infrastructure and daily operations. The tool will be made publicly available as part of the 2019 HMP update. The GIS unit seeks an intern to help improve the HH&C tool by integrating new datasets and provide general mapping support for the HMP.

Description of Project/Intern Responsibilities:

Under supervision by the GIS Mitigation Data Analyst, the GIS & Hazard Mitigation Intern will:

        Update and add new data to the Hazard History & Consequence tool
        Give feedback and suggestions on the usability and design of the tool
        Provide general mapping and data support for other parts of the HMP such as the mitigation projects map and other hazard-specific maps
        Other responsibilities as assigned by the GIS and HMP teams

Requirements/Special Skills Needed:

        Experience with GIS (ESRI ArcGIS v10 preferred)
        Knowledgeable about and interested in emergency management, hazard mitigation and
        Experience working with large datasets.
        Proficient in Microsoft Excel
        Interest in Python, R or other programming languages
        Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail
        The ability to work well within a team structure 

This is an unpaid internship
Last Updated: 8/17/2018

Intern Safety:
Will the intern be required to leave NYCEM’s main building during his/her internship? Yes               No X
If “yes”, please provide details (how often will they be required to leave the building, what will be the nature of the work performed, what mode of transportation will be used, etc):

If “yes”, intern will be required to sign an acknowledgement after the interview stating that they are aware of their responsibilities both at NYCEM and in the field.
Interested Applicants:
E-mail resume and cover letter to by September 9, 2018. 

Interested Applicants:
E-mail resume and cover letter to: Mail to:   HR Coordinator
                 NYC Emergency Management
                 165 Cadman Plaza East
                 Brooklyn, NY 11201
Reasonable  accommodations will be provided for disabled applicants

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