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Monday, November 19, 2018

Job Opportunity: Portland, OR. Logistics Program Coordinator.

RDPO Logistics Program Coordinator
Salary: $5,877.00 - $7,838.00 Monthly   Location: Portland, OR USA
Job Type: Limited Duration  Job Closing: 12/10/2018 11:59 PM Pacific

Under the direction of the RDPO Program Manager, the Logistics Program Coordinator performs a variety of professional duties, including planning, organizing, implementing, and evaluating programs and projects and collaborating with internal and external stakeholders of the RDPO. Specifically, the position supports the Resource Management Sub-Committee of REMTEC (the RDPO's Emergency Management Work Group) and other RDPO discipline work groups and multi-discipline task forces in building and maintaining regional resource management, asset management, logistics and supply chain capabilities for effective disaster response and recovery.

Duties include: - Provide professional/technical, analytical, facilitative, project management, business process design, and administrative services to assigned committees, work groups and task forces; - Initiate, collaborate with, and may lead small teams of professionals, paraprofessionals, staff, contractors, and/or volunteers across the region and multiple disciplines in planning, developing, implementing, and evaluating RDPO programs, projects, and initiatives; 

- Coordinate and/or lead the development and maintenance of regional resources/project outputs           (e.g., handbooks; databases/inventories, etc.) 
     in partnership with appropriate RDPO stakeholders; 
- Recruit, provide on-going training and support to, and coordinate members of assigned work groups/task forces and regional teams 
     (e.g., Resource Management Sub-Committee; Regional Logistics Support Team); and 
- Develop, organize, coordinate, and implement training sessions and workshops for program staff and volunteers around the region 
      (i.e., in core disaster logistics, resource management, supply chain, etc. subjects).

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