Monday, December 10, 2018

Home Fire Safety during Winter and Holiday Season. December 2018

Home Fire Safety (suggestions):

Many of you may be purchasing natural trees for display during this holiday season, and using electrical extension cords increasing the power usage\load on the elements of the power cord and electrical outlet increasing the danger for possible electrical fire.

In addition to fire detection, alarms, and sprinkler system that many apartments, condos, townhouses, and single-family homes are being designed and constructed with to extinguish fires when your home is attended or unattended.  As an addition to the standard hand-held fire extinguisher that you’ve been trained to use (CERT training hopefully) for oil, grease, barbeque and other fires normally around your home, consider the use of additional options in protecting your home with the use of fire extinguisher balls that can be placed directly on your holiday tree display or near possible overloaded electrical outlets as another form of fire protection.

Fire extinguisher balls come in various price ranges featured on eBay, Amazon, and can be purchased at Walmart.  After the winter months these devices could be used for those summer barbeques.

Take a look at product overview and videos by Google of ‘fire extinguisher ball’.

Google …..’fire extinguisher ball’.  View products and VIDEOS.

Nothing takes the place of protection and safety of your family.

"As a child of 10-years old our family was devastated and separated by fire in the Christmas season of 1965\1966 by fire living in Washington, D.C."   Charles D. Sharp

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