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DEADLINE...March 18, 2018.. FEMA National Advisory Council membership



Federal Emergency Management Agency is Accepting Applications for the National Advisory Council
The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) requests that qualified individuals who are interested in serving on the FEMA National Advisory Council (NAC) submit an application to be considered for appointment.
The NAC is a Federal advisory committee of up to 35 members that advises the FEMA Administrator on all aspects of emergency management to ensure input from and coordination with state, local, tribal, and territorial governments, and the private sector on federal plans, programs, and strategies for all hazards. The NAC provides consensus recommendations to the Administrator and gives FEMA access to expertise, information, and advice on a broad range of issues. Topics of recent recommendations included provision of medical countermeasures, duplication of benefits in the Individual Assistance Program, and tribal partnerships training.
NAC members represent a geographically diverse mix of officials, emergency managers, and emergency response providers from all levels of government, non-governmental organizations, tribes, and the private sector. Individuals appointed to these positions represent the whole community and bring their experience and expertise, along with their diversity of views and willingness to express them.
FEMA is now accepting applications for open positions in the following discipline areas:
  • Elected Local Government Official (one representative appointment)
  • Elected State Government Official (one representative appointment)
  • Emergency Management Field (one representative appointment)
  • Emergency Response Providers, which includes fire, law enforcement, hazardous materials response, emergency medical services, and organizations representing emergency response providers (two representative appointments)
  • Communications Expert, an expert in communications infrastructure, public safety and first responder communications systems and networks, and/or broadcast, cable, satellite, wireless, or wireline services and networks (one Special Government Employee, or SGE)
  • Cybersecurity Expert, an expert in protecting and defending information and communications systems from damage, unauthorized use or modification, or exploitation, (one SGE)
  • In-Patient Medical Provider, a provider of medical care to patients admitted to a healthcare facility, such as a hospital or skilled nursing facility (one SGE)
  • Administrator Selections (up to two SGE appointments)All appointments are for three-year terms beginning in September 2018.
Applications must be received on or before March 18, 2018.
Detailed instructions on how to apply can be found at: 

March 2018. UNGC. Water Mandate. Water Stewardship News & Updates

UN Global Compact | Pacific Institute
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CEO Water Mandate

Water Stewardship News & Updates       
March 12, 2018

2018 Summer Internship Program. Mayor Bowser Announces the DDOT-Howard University 2018 Research Internship Summer Program

press release

Mayor Bowser Announces the DDOT-Howard University 2018 Research Internship Summer Program 

(Washington, DC)  Today, Mayor Muriel Bowser announced the District Department of Transportation (DDOT)’s Research Internship Program and Howard University's Transportation Research Center (HUTRC)'s 2018 Research Internship Summer Program. 

"This is a great opportunity for college students to get a head start on their pathway to the Middle Class," said Mayor Bowser. "This internship program can serve as a resource for students to acquire practical work skills for life."

The internship program allows DDOT to conduct research into transportation-related topics over a 10-week period, starting Monday, June 4, 2018. HUTRC recruits the interns and manages the program on DDOT’s behalf.

The program is open to full-time undergraduate or graduate students in good academic standing from the DC region and nationwide. The internship program engages students to work on specific research topics at DDOT. The deadline to apply is Friday, March 23 at 11:59 pm ET.

Students will be located at DDOT’s head office at 55 M Street SE, Washington, DC 20003. These are hourly, paid positions with a maximum of 40 hours a week with no paid holidays, no paid sick leave, and no overtime. All students are required to have basic computer skills, and basic knowledge of Microsoft Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.

Interested persons should visit and follow the instructions on the website. Please identify the position for which you are applying and include your current Grade Point Average (GPA). (There is a minimum 2.5 GPA for undergraduates.) No phone calls, please.

This year's internship projects include the following:
  • Library Projects
  • Metrobus Priority Corridor Network Crowding and Bus Travel Time
  • Engineering Manuals [2 positions available]
  • Green Infrastructure
  • Contracting and Procurement
  • ADA Standard Drawings and Field Pocket Guide
  • Enhancing Real-Time Traveler Information
  • Learning and Development
  • Call Center Training Modules
  • 311 Service Requests
  • Project Estimation
  • DC Circulator ITS Data Analysis
  • Communications and Public Information

More details on the positions are in the position descriptions available at the following website,

DDOT and Howard University are committed to ensuring that no person is excluded from participation in, or denied the benefits of, its projects, programs, activities, and services on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, age, or disability as provided by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Americans with Disabilities Act and other related statutes.

In accordance with the D.C. Human Rights Act of 1977, as amended, D.C. Official Code sec. 2-1401.01 et seq. (Act), the District of Columbia does not discriminate on the basis of actual or perceived: race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, personal appearance, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, familial status, family responsibilities, matriculation, political affiliation, genetic information, disability, source of income, status as a victim of an intrafamily offense, or place of residence or business. Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination which is prohibited by the Act. In addition, harassment based on any of the above protected categories is prohibited by the Act. Discrimination in a violation of the Act will not be tolerated. Violators will be subject to disciplinary action."

If you need special accommodations or language assistance services (translation or interpretation) please contact Cesar Barreto at (202) 671-2829 or Karen Randolph at (202) 671-2620. These services will be provided free of charge. 

March 15, 2018. Brook Long, DHS\FEMA Administrator. Homeland Security Committee.

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Managing and Reducing Risk. September 2019

Managing Risks Safety and Security ...

..Haiti. We will not forget.

Drink Life Beverages ....A Woman Owned Enterprise

Drink Life Beverages ....A Woman Owned Enterprise
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