Identity, Diversity, Cultural Competency

When does the healing start?
When we can discuss it openly.
The issue of institutionalized 'disparity', racism, ethnic hatred, or disenfranchisement is not just prevalent within the U.S., but all nations and communities must consider OPEN discussions of these issues.  Germany, France, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Russia, China, Japan, Korea, Egypt, Iran, Serbia, Croatia, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, and other African nations.  The list can go on and on.

LET'S START THE TALK!  Talk to move towards a better world and future for our children.

1.  Cultural Competencies\Cultural Differences. How Culture Molds Habit of Thought.



As the U.S. grows more diverse, community based organizations (CBOs) are serving an increasingly diverse group of children and families. In this changing environment, developing cultural competence—behaviors, attitudes, and policies that enable organizations to work effectively in cross-cultural situations—is critical. 

This guide helps users to define and understand cultural competency and identify easily accessible resources for choosing interventions, conducting a needs assessment, selecting appropriate measures and measurement approaches, collaborating with other organizations, ensuring workforce diversity, and budgeting for culturally competent programs.

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  1. This is a talk worth listening to. the speakers insight encludes all the world not just one race fight but all humans fight. As a person that works in the human rights field I would like to thatnk you Bryan Stevenson for your encouragement may God Bless you always. Thanks Again.


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..Haiti. We will not forget.

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