Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Wesley Chenoweth (Lifetime Member). Maryland Sister State Committees Band Together to Send Medical Supplies to Mexico

Wesley, congratulations on a job well done. Working alone to fulfill a need for the community in the State of  Jalisco, Mexico with the cooperation of the Government of Mexico was no small task and is inspiration for others to 'take charge' and make the change.

Also, Morris Koffa (African Environmental Watch) thanks for your part in providing and giving Wesley the support and confidence to 'just do it' when needed.

I know you have other medical equipment for communities throughout the diaspora from the U.S., to the Caribbean, Central & South America, your communities in Liberia, MANU River Union Nations, and other nations on the continent of Africa.

As I mentioned you will be seeing more of me in Atlanta, GA in the coming months.  Could the BEMA International HQ relocate?  There are always possibilities.  If site visit to Mexico is in the works, I'm with you.

Let's take what your doing to an even higher level.  Wakanda is concept.  A concept of action, cooperation, partnerships and unity.

Peace and Blessings.

Black Emergency Managers Association International.
"We Stand As One".


Maryland Sister State Committees Band Together to Send Medical Supplies to Mexico

Two 26-foot trucks braved a snowstorm over the mountains from Boise, Idaho all the way
down to Brownsville, in Texas early this month to hand off a much-needed shipment of
medical supplies and equipment. The supplies, valued at over $350-thousand, then
made their way south of the border, bound for the Mexican state of Tamaulipas.
The donation was a joint effort between two sister state
committees in Maryland to help alleviate the lack of
healthcare facilities in Tamaulipas, particularly in the
aftermath of a recent series of earthquakes that have
devastated large swaths of the country.
Donated Supplies
Wesley Chenoweth, of the
Republic of Liberia
(Bong County & Maryland
Sister State Committee,
and Robert Horn, of the
State of Jalisco, Mexico
Sister State Committee,
were both inspired by the
recent call of Maryland Secretary of State John C. Wobensmith for more collaboration
among the state’s many sister state committees.
So when Mexico’s National System for Integral Family Development (or DIF), a public
assistance program focused on strengthening the welfare of Mexican families, informed
the Jalisco committee of the outstanding need in Tamaulipas state, Horn and Chenoweth
decided to combine the resources of their committees to help meet that need.
Chenoweth has been a member of Care Convoy, a charity operating out of Idaho that
ships donations of medical supplies around the world, for almost a decade. He was the
one who tapped the group to bring the shipment to the southern tip of Texas early this
month, where DIF took it across the border into Tamaulipas state.
Maryland officially became a sister state to the Liberian counties of Bong and Maryland in
August of 2007, but their history runs much deeper. The small West African nation,
now home to roughly 4.5 million people, was originally founded by repatriated slaves
from America, most of whom journeyed there from the State of Maryland.
The country has come a long way since then: By the time the sister state agreement
was signed, Liberia had elected the continent’s first female president, 
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. The signing opened up further opportunities for dialogue 
between the two lands, on topics ranging from business and health to culture and 
Medical supplies in warehouse.Medical supplies in warehouse.Medical supplies in warehouse.
The same could be said about Maryland’s partnership with the Mexican state of Jalisco,
which was formalized in 1993. With a new potential for collaboration within Maryland’s
sister state network, partnerships like these are finding exciting ways to deepen their
impact on the world around them.
You can review Care Convoy's website at www.careconvoy.org. If your sister city or
sister state organization would like to make a donation of medical supplies and
equipment anywhere in the world, please contact Wesley Chenoweth. 
Banner w/ partner organizations.
Contact Information:
Wesley Chenoweth
General Secretary, Liberia Committee
Sister States of Maryland, Inc. 


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