Saturday, November 28, 2020

$87K to $241K Job Opportunities: United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA)

The United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA) is looking for passionate changemakers to contribute to our mission to help the United Nations drive global progress.
Find below list of current openings:
  1. Senior Technical Advisor, D1-D2
  1. Senior Economic Affairs Officer, D1
  1. Transport Planner, P4
  1. Senior Environmental Affairs Officer, D1
  1. Programme Officer, P4
  1. Finance Officer, P4
  1. Research Assistant, P4
  1. Emergency Programme Officer, P4
  1. Senior Public Health Officer, D1
  1. Logistics & Administration Officer, P4
  1. Social Work Officer, P4
  1. Human Resource Officer, P5
  1. Associate Procurement Officer, P4
Specific details of each of the available positions will be communicated to the applicants.
Details of the Associated Annual net salaries in United States Dollars are as follows:
P1: $87,553.00 - $91,014.00
P2: $98,441.00 - $111,962.00
P3: $117,554.00 - $148,384.00
P4: $151,031.00 - $169,540.00
P5: $171,226.00 -  $ 192,569.00
D1: $193,577.00 -  $211,248.00
D2: $213,676.00 - $241,995.00
Application Deadline: 21 Dec 2020
Duration: Permanent and Full Time
Duty Station: Multiple
Interested candidates can send an application letter detailing their profile and interest directly to the attention of recruitment officer Mr. Tom Rudi:

It would be highly appreciated if you could assist us by sharing and circulating this information with interested applicants.
Kind regards,


Mr. Furio de Tomassi

Director - Personnel Service



760 United Nations Plaza


Manhattan, New York City


NY 10017-6818, USA


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