Friday, March 19, 2021

$5,540.00 - $10,377.00 per month Job Opportunity. California Water Boards’ Emergency Management Program

 The California Water Boards’ Emergency Management Program is recruiting for a Water Resource Control Engineer. You will be in a high-profile position at the intersection of the California state government’s management of emergencies and actions to protect water quality, critical water infrastructure, and ecosystems.

Help the California Water Boards:

  • Protect human health and safety.
  • Coordinate with, advise, and support external agencies, partners, and stakeholders, including wastewater water and drinking water utilities.
  • Provide information/training and support public engagement.
  • Protect the environment from hazardous materials and investigate water quality impairments related to emergencies.


Salary $5,540.00 - $10,377.00 per month.

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