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Job Opportunity: $25K Consultant, Equitable and Just Transit and Goods Movement


Consultant, Equitable and Just Transit and Goods Movement


TERM: Four Months



SUMMARY: The Equitable and Just Transit and Goods Movement Consultant will anchor the Equitable and Just Transit and Goods Movement portfolio of the NAACP Environmental and Climate Justice Program. The consultant will lead on development of a “Racial Justice Analysis of Transit and Goods Movement Policies and Practices” as a national review with illustrative examples from various state and local policy and practice scenarios.  The national review will be supplemented by state briefs, focusing on the Midwest and the Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI) states with the following analysis: 1) Impact of transportation sector on emissions and air quality; 2) Environmental health statistics in areas with heavy road/rail/shipping traffic, overlaid with race data; 3) Racial Mobility Data--Transit access and quality; 4) State and municipal transit and goods movement policy/regulatory review.   The consultant will facilitate the development of 10 municipal level briefs, done in conjunction with local units of the NAACP that cover similar categories as well as assist the regional organizers in working with the state and local NAACP on achieving their Equitable Transit and Goods Movement Goals.


The Consultant, Equitable and Just Transit and Goods Movement, will provide the following services under the overarching umbrella of executing research, policy tracking and analysis, as well as materials development, training, and facilitation of ECJ Certification Projects:

·                  Publications

    • Equitable and Just Transit and Goods Movement: A Racial Justice Analysis (National Review, State Briefs, Municipal Briefs)

·                  Certification Programs

    • Equitable and Just Transit and Goods Movement

·                  Policy/Regulatory Platform (Transportation Related Aspects)

    • Develop, finalize, and maintain the ECJ Policy/Regulatory Platform section on Equitable and Just Transit and Goods Movement.
    • Work with the other consultants and the Systems and Evaluation Manager to support the development of a system to track, document, and disseminate federal, state, and local policies as well as corporate practices on Equitable and Just Transit and Goods Movement, including opportunities for action.
    • Develop a repository, based on the ECJ Policy Platform, of model legislation, ordinances, regulations, pilot programs, etc., related to Equitable and Just Transit and Goods Movement, that are accessible for our state and local leaders.

·                  ECJP Team Participation and External Representation

    • Participate in ECJP Team Calls
    • Participate in ECJP Calls with NAACP State and Local Leadership
    • Represent the NAACP ECJP on external calls on Equitable and Just Transit and Goods Movement such as the Labor Network on Sustainability Transit Equity Day call.
  •       Unit Support and Field Organizing (Support Organizing Team in Achieving the Following)
    • At least 1,000 people educated/engaged in action through community education and organizing sessions.
    • At least 10 local clean air ordinances will be established to improve health outcomes.
    • At least 10 local transit equity ordinances will be established to improve transit access.
    • At least 5 local EV bus pilot projects established to improve air quality and EV Delivery Fleet Pilot Projects.  (Great Lakes Initiative only)
    • Regional Convening with two representatives from each state for orientation and education
    • At least 10 Youth Scientist Projects launched
    • Launch Public, Story Based Communications Campaign anchored by transit access and unhealthy air impact stories
    • At least 6 Local Transit Equity Working Groups/Coalitions established.


To submit interest in the role, please send resume with cover note/letter and link to writing sample to Jacqueline Patterson.




.Jacqui Patterson (she/her)

Sr. Director, Environmental and Climate Justice Program


4805 Mt. Hope Drive

Baltimore, MD 21215





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