Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Job Opportunity: Department of Public Health Sciences Miller School of Medicine, University Miami.


Open rank tenure track position at the rank of associate or full professor in Climate and Health in the Environmental Health Division, Department of Public Health Science, Miller School of Medicine, University of Miami. We have several exciting university wide initiatives in climate and health, including a Climate Resilience Institute and a new graduate program in the Climate and Health.

The search is open to all areas of climate and/or environmental health, including chronic exposure to climate sensitive environmental exposures and cancer risks; time-space modeling of the health effects of climate and/or extreme weather events; environmental exposure assessment by developing and utilizing novel technologies and/or methodologies; environmental and/or weather and/or climate exposures related to health risk projections/predictions; the cost-benefit analysis of policies/interventions to mitigate/manage the health effects of climate, extreme weather events and/or other environmental exposures; developing and implementing evidence-based interventions to mitigate and manage the health effects due to environmental exposures, changing climate and weather patterns or climate/weather modified/mediated health environmental exposures.

More information on the position or to apply for the position visit the link below or see attached full announcement.

Public Health Sciences- Associate/Professor (myworkdayjobs.com)


Please forward this email to anyone (or your listserv) who may be interested in this position,

Sincerely yours,



Naresh Kumar, PhD

Director, Climate and Health Graduate Program

Professor of Environmental Health

Department of Public Health Sciences

Miller School of Medicine, University Miami FL 33136

Email: nkumar@miami.edu; Web: precise.miami.edu

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