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Job Opportunities: New York City Emergency Management (NYCEM) July 27, 2023

 New York City Emergency Management (NYCEM) is responsible for coordinating citywide emergency planning and response for all types and scales of emergencies. It is staffed by more than 200 dedicated professionals with diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise, including individuals assigned from other City agencies.

Our Mission: NYC Emergency Management helps New Yorkers before, during, and after emergencies through preparedness, education, and response.

Our Jobs: NYC Emergency Management has a variety of vacancies within multiple bureaus across the agency – the jobs summaries below are grouped by bureau. For the full job description, go to and search by the Job IDs listed below, or scan the QR code to be taken the NYCEM Careers site to learn more.

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BUREAU: Community Engagement
The Community Engagement Bureau helps communities become more resilient by providing guidance for community emergency planning for the most common hazards in New York City and connecting established community organizations and brings together leaders from volunteer programs, community and nonprofit organizations, and government, to promote preparedness at the local level.

Immigrant Engagement Specialist, $57,500 - $65,000 – Job ID# 579049
Ready New York, NYC Emergency Management’s public education program, is seeking a community engagement specialist to lead the strategic planning and outreach efforts focused on engaging NYC’s immigrant communities and people with limited English proficiency, especially in neighborhoods affected by Post-Tropical Storm Ida. This position requires someone who has a working knowledge of New York City and its immigrant community and has shown commitment to developing community resilience.

Community Engagement Specialist, $57,500-$65,000- Job ID# 593768
The Community Engagement Bureau is seeking a Community Engagement Specialist to Coordinate and execute outreach strategies focused on engaging older adults and people with disabilities, access, and functional needs on the topic of emergency preparedness.

BUREAU: Finance/Procurement
The Procurement Unit (Office of the Agency Chief Contracting Officer) is responsible for providing management, oversight, review, and support of all procurement functions at NYCEM. NYCEM procurements are governed by the City Charter and the City Procurement Policy Board (PPB) Rules.

Recovery and Resiliency Contracts Program Manager, $65,000-$74,000 – Job ID# 580101
The Recovery and Resiliency Contracts Program Manager will support and oversee the coordination of contracts that relate to mitigation and recovery projects funded through different federal grants, and will support contract oversight and coordination for resiliency projects, procurements, and financial tracking. The role will work directly with the Risk Reduction and Recovery Division, and will support over $10M in CDBG-DR funding awarded to NYCEM for post-Ida work to support the development of initiatives that support the City’s recovery and preparedness for future events. In addition, the role will work closely with the Mitigation Technical Assistance Team in the Risk Reduction and Recovery Division, on maximizing mitigation funds designated for the City.

BUREAU: Logistics
The Logistics Division works to increase the City’s ability to support emergency operations with a sustained and well-coordinated supply chain of resources. It is comprised of the Humanitarian Logistics, Ground Support Logistics, and Mutual Aid and Resource Processing (MARP) units, and works to ensure that the right personnel, equipment, supplies, and support are in the right place, at the right time, and in the right quantities, across all response and recovery operations.

Logistics Program Manager, $65,000-$74,000 – Job ID# 592096
New York City Emergency Management Department is looking for an innovative person with a passion for emergency management logistics. Applicants shall have a background in one or more of the following areas: emergency management logistics, humanitarian/mass care response logistics, mutual aid coordination, ground support logistics, logistics planning and/or other sectors of the logistics industry that would be able to contribute to NYCEM’s disaster logistics planning and response efforts.

BUREAU: External Affairs
The unit of Government Relations serves as the interface for NYCEM with elected officials and community boards. This unit, which is within the External Affairs Division, handles a high volume of constituent and policy-related inquiries from elected officials and other stakeholders. The unit is responsible for directing NYCEM’s role in the City, State, and Federal legislative process and for managing the preparation of the Commissioner and other senior leaders’ participation in oversight and budgetary hearings.

Intergovernmental Outreach Specialist, $57,500-$65,000 – Job ID# 588095
The Intergovernmental Outreach Specialist supports the agency by providing outreach and communication to elected officials and community stakeholders within New York City. The position falls within the External Affairs Division/Government Relations Unit and handles elected official and international interactions, research, preparation for legislative issues, and a variety of projects related to the overall administration and management of the agency. The Specialist will be asked to attend and participate in frequent elected official meetings and events, including those organized by borough presidents, City Council members, state and federal elected officials, and others.

CERT Operations & Engagement Specialist, $57,500 - $65,000 – Job ID# 591131
The CERT Operations and Engagement Specialist position requires a creative individual with excellent communication and mediation skills. This person will focus on the development of deployment procedures at all levels of the program and will also be responsible for supporting emergency drills and exercises to help test the training and ability of volunteers to meet their emergency roles. S/he must be able to communicate the program’s larger strategic vision to team leadership and enable teams to carry out the CERT program’s mission within their communities. The position requires someone, above all, who demonstrates a working knowledge of New York City and shows commitment to developing community resilience.

Communications Specialist, $57,500-$65,000 – Job ID# 571117
The Communications Unit works in conjunction with other units to prepare and disseminate the agency’s preparedness message, as well as promotes initiatives of all agency bureaus, focusing on both strategic efforts and crisis response. The Communications Specialist will work to support agency communication channels and will be involved with assisting the strategy, development, and production of a variety of communications projects; measure the success of various communications projects, as well as explore tools and trends to enhance such efforts; serve as liaison in cross-agency planning activities to ensure public information interests are accurately reflected in citywide emergency plans; and be cross-trained with the Public Warning team (within the agency’s Response bureau) to serve as a member of the Public Warning Reserve Corps Program.

BUREAU: Readiness
The Readiness Bureau prepares the City for emergencies through a continuous cycle of planning, learning, and exercising, using a collaborative and forward-thinking approach.

Exercise Program Manager, $65,000-$74,000 – Job ID# 586099
New York City Emergency Management is seeking an Exercise Program Manager to work as part of the Readiness Bureau to accomplish the drills and exercise program development objectives as outlined in the US Department of Homeland Security’s (USDHS) grant funding requirements. For the purpose of this program, an Exercise Program Manager is expected to possess the skills, experience and training necessary to allow them to employ a proactive, versatile approach to drill and exercise support, knowledge of the Citywide Incident Management System (CIMS), emergency preparedness planning, exercise program development and implementation, in addition to a wide range of other duties, including records retention, and data management.

BUREAU: Office of Strategic Operations/Analysis & Evaluation
The Office of Strategic Operations is composed of three units: Analysis and Evaluation Unit, which conducts qualitative and quantitative analyses to identify and track to completion strategic recommendations that improve the City’s emergency response posture; Strategy and Innovation Unit, which conducts strategic planning and implements novel initiatives and programs that enhance the City’s emergency management practice; and Continuity of Operations (COOP) Unit, which manages the City’s COOP Program, enabling City agencies to continue providing essential services during emergencies.

Data Visualization Specialist, $57,500-$65,000 – Job ID# 592175
The Data Visualization Specialist will report to the Data Visualization Program Manager and be responsible for supporting the development and implementation of data visualizations to establish situational awareness during emergencies, identify trends and potential areas for improvement, and encourage data-driven decision-making during day-to-day operations. The ideal candidate should have prior experience responding to requests for data and analysis, contributing to projects from scope development to delivery, and interpreting the results in a concise, easy-to-understand manner.

Director, Continuity of Operations (COOP), $95,000-$110,000 – Job ID# 590091
The COOP Director will oversee a team of COOP Project Managers (PMs) and Specialists. This team is responsible for coordinating with City agency COOP teams to build and maintain the City’s ability to continue operations during emergencies. The Director will be responsible for citywide COOP program administration and key initiatives such as the essential service review. The Director will also work within NYCEM to continuously improve the agency’s internal continuity program. The ideal candidate will have COOP and emergency management experience, project management expertise, the ability to effectively communicate and facilitate, demonstrated experience with stakeholder engagement, and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment.

BUREAU: Chief Operating Officer/IT
The Management Information systems Unit provides all technology support for NYC Emergency Management staff, including hardware, software, and licensing. The unit also maintains the technology and computer systems of the entire agency and all of its resources.

Application Developer, $90,000-$105,000 – Job ID# 586073
Application Development provides NYC Emergency Management with programming, data management, and other related technology solutions. We are seeking an application developer to provide and support NYCEM for software, data solutions. In addition, the selected candidate will be assigned to an on-call Emergency Operations Center (EOC) team and will be expected to work non-business hours during emergencies. These non-business hours include nights, weekends, holidays, and extended week hours outside of a 9AM-5PM schedule. The selected candidate will also participate in drills and exercises associated with the on-call EOC team providing technical support and will undertake special projects as assigned.

Desktop Support Technician, $57,000-$76,000 – Job ID# 586985
The Desktop Support Technician will assist staff with technical support of desktop computers and mobile devices, applications, and related technology. Support includes specification, installation, and testing of computer systems and peripherals within established standards and guidelines. Activities require use of application software and operating systems to diagnose and resolve unique problems. The position utilizes one-on-one, on-site consultancy to end-users and requires independent analyses, communication, and problem-solving.

BUREAU: Planning and Resilience
The Planning and Resilience Bureau is responsible for all phases of the disaster cycle including planning, interagency coordination, risk analysis, mitigation, and recovery, as well as units with subject matter and technical expertise in the fields of health and medical, human services, and transportation and infrastructure.

Planning Specialist, $57,500- $65,000 – Job ID# 590085
The Recovery and Risk unit is seeking a candidate responsible for supporting and coordinating mitigation efforts to reduce risk of climate change and extreme weather hazards, and increase resiliency of NYC communities, infrastructure, and facilities. The selected candidate will assist in a scope of work that is focused on developing Mitigation plans and maintaining current plans and data for citywide efforts to mitigate disasters across the five boroughs.

Community Recovering and Resilience Planner, $57,500-$65,000 – Job ID# 586073
With latitude for independent initiative and judgment, NYC Emergency Management seeks a candidate responsible for supporting and coordinating community recovery and resiliency planning, including coordination with the faith-based sector. The Planner will also lead a collaborative effort to support development of the Community Planning and Capacity Building component of the citywide recovery framework.

Director, Critical Infrastructure $95,000-$110,000 – Job ID# 593355
With latitude for independent initiative and judgment, New York City Emergency Management (NYCEM) is seeking a candidate to work with various New York City infrastructure, transportation, and utility partners to ensure plans and procedures are effectively coordinated. This includes maintaining critical working relationships with partners, including DOT, MTA, Con Edison, National Grid, DEP, DOB, DPR, DSNY, HPD, and others, and for facilitating information-sharing between stakeholders. The Director will supervise assigned staff and report to the Assistant Commissioner of Interagency Coordination.

BUREAU: Response/Watch Command
The Watch Command unit monitors citywide radio frequencies; local, national, and international media; and weather forecasts 24 hours per day, seven days per week. They function as the central notification point for NYC, transmitting notifications to agencies and Notify NYC messages. Watch Command also dispatches Citywide Interagency Coordinators, deploys the Interagency Communications Vehicle and in support of incident command, dispatches assets, subject matter experts and request additional agency support when necessary.

Watch Command Supervisor, $70,000 - $79,000 – Job ID# 588653
With minimal supervision from the Deputy Commissioner of Operations and the Director of Watch Command, with latitude for independent initiative and judgment, the incumbent will supervise the daily operation of Watch Command (the NYC Emergency Management communications center). Monitor and update the status of response personnel and assets.

Watch Command Program Manager, $80,000-$85,500 – Job ID# 593778
The Watch Command unit is seeking a Program Manager. With minimal supervision from the Director, Watch Command and latitude for independent initiative and judgment, the Program Manager will manage and oversee the daily operation of unit, including but not limited to the following: Ensuring all aspect of the day-to-day unit operations are addressed, Ensuring the unit’s continuity of operations plan remains operational and tested regularly.

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