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FYI: Success Story. City of Los Lunas Fire Dept---Community Preparedness and Fire Safety Classes

City of Los Lunas Fire Dept---Community Preparedness and Fire Safety Classes
Los Lunas, New Mexico is unique in its 'closeness'. At least twice a month, we hold community preparedness and fire safety classes, and I'm always surprised by the attendance. Its a community that truly cares for one another. Since our peak wildfire season seems to have passed now, our focus will lean more toward arroyo safety. All too often people find themselves tempted to enter an unsafe area such as a ditch.

Would you do this type of event again?
Flash flooding in these areas is a weekly event. It will be our mission over the next month to widen our awareness base and educate our community on the hazards and pitfalls of using these areas for play. These areas, when used safely and respectfully can and are fun and relaxing. Knowing those boundaries and the dangers that can be present is paramount to our community. We will keep you all abreast of our upcoming events and the effectiveness of them!

FYI: Success Story. Workplace Disasters Seminar

Business Service Associates, LLC---Workplace Disasters Seminar
 HICKORY, NC - A "Workplace Disaster Awareness" Seminar was held on May 12, 2011 with approximately 50 people from area businesses attending. The material offered by Lynn W. Sigmon was presented in three main sections: Man-Made Disasters, Natural Disasters and Terrorism.  The participants were taught what they could expect,how to remain safe during the event, and the steps to take after the disaster was over.  The information was based on the Mitigation, Preparedness, Response and Recovery phases taught by FEMA. We also discussed Disaster Kits and supplies needed to survive afterwards, including food and water.  Last, we covered the possibility of violent crimes and how they could affect our businesses, and the need for every entity to be trained to be able to Lockdown their facility at a moment's notice.
Panel Discussion
We also enjoyed an informal Panel Discussion.  The panel was made up of Terri Byers, a Fire Prevention Officer from our local fire department, Captain Alton Price from our local sheriff's department, David Garrison, Regional Director and Susan Anderson, Executive Director of our local Red Cross and Karyn Yaussy, Emergency Management Coordinator in Catawba County, NC.  The discussion was lively, with participants interested in what the professionals had to say about the disasters relevant to our area.  Our Red Cross Regional Director had just returned from Japan after their earthquake and tsunami, and he told some very heart-warming stories.
I offered a generic Business Emergency Operation Manual prepared for participants to review, which included things like a Vulnerability Analysis and procedures for staying safe during various disasters.  Special guests at the seminar included Danny Hearn, President of the Catawba County Chamber of Commerce, and Sue Simpson, CERT past president from Charlotte, NC.
Lynn W. Sigmon, Presentor
The evaluation feedback I received from participants and guests was very positive, and everyone was given a copy of the PowerPoint presentation for future use, along with other materials provided by local agencies.
I truly had high expectations for this seminar, and I am happy to say they were met, ("WHAT DID YOU EXPECT"© 2010).  I will continue to conduct this same seminar through my business, Business Service Associates, LLC.   I am also working on smaller workshops in which I can work one-on-one with businesses to assist them in preparing an Emergency Operations Plan.  In addition, I am sending out a free newsletter to area businesses concerning safety issues.

Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals
SDGs - Sustainable Development Goals

American Red Cross: Regional Disaster Cycle Services New and Continued Employment Opportunities: 11/14/2019

RC32259 Disaster Program Manager (Aztec, NM) (Open) We are currently seeking a Disaster Program Manager (Aztec, NM) to work in our A...

..Haiti. We will not forget.

Drink Life Beverages ....A Woman Owned Enterprise

Drink Life Beverages ....A Woman Owned Enterprise
Drink for Life. Communities drinking and eating well.


Mission is to increase the diversity of corporate America by increasing the diversity of business school faculty. We attract African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans and Native Americans to business Ph.D. programs, and provide a network of peer support on their journey to becoming professors.

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