Monday, January 2, 2012

Dare to be King. What if the Prince Lives?

Churches should play a major role in improving the social conditions within the African American community. Historically, the Black church has had a unique and powerful tradition of community outreach and youth development. African American Pastors remain in a unique position to significantly affect knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors within the African American community.

Further, the Black church’s historical role in providing education, social services, and a safe haven for youth has been well documented throughout slavery, reconstruction and the civil rights movement. Today, black churches represent over 8 denominations and encompass some 65,000 churches and well over 20 million members.

In an effort to respond to the growing challenges that affect African American males face regarding violence, the Dare To Be King Model was developed for churches, schools and other community groups to be able to provide an instrument designed to address anger, impulse control and decision making among adolescent African American males.

The Dare To Be King Model is recommended for churches that are “seriously” interested in working with adolescent African American males! Our churches must be able to address the spiraling decline of life for African American males.

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