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Nuclear and Radiological Lessons Learned
How do I find an After-Action Report on Exclusive Content

Joint Field Office Operations: Assigning Liaison Officers to Assist Local Government Officials

Emergency Public Information: Montgomery County, Maryland, Fire and Rescue’s Use of Social Media to Engage the Community After Consecutive Snowstorms

Mass Casualty Incidents: The Missouri 1 Disaster Medical Team’s Deployment of a Mobile Medical Unit After the Joplin Tornado Outreach
Newsletter March 2012

Did You Know?
In 2011, the National Capital Region (NCR) launched the National Capital Region News and Information Website. The site serves as a news feed for NCR jurisdictions as well as provides emergency alerts and weather, traffic, and utilities status information. In addition, NCR residents can sign up for daily updates. Many other jurisdictions have established similar public information websites including, NY-Alert, Alert LA County, and NotifyChicago.

Nuclear and Radiological Lessons Learned
Featured Topic for March remembers the 1 year anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake. On May 11, 2011, at 2:46 p.m. Japan Standard Time, an undersea megathrust earthquake with a 9.0 magnitude (M 9.0) occurred off the northeast coast of Honshu, Japan. The earthquake generated tsunami waves of up to 38 meters, which resulted in over 15,000 deaths, 5,600 injured, and 4,800 people missing across 22 prefectures. The Great East Japan Earthquake also caused the automatic shutdown of 11 operating reactors, including the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant. Forty minutes after the earthquake, several tsunami waves inundated the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant. As a result, several units experienced explosions that caused a major release of radioactive materials into the air and the ocean. The Fukushima nuclear power plant released approximately 10 percent of the radiation released during the Chernobyl accident.

The Japanese tsunami and nuclear disaster demonstrates the need for jurisdiction to prepare for similar events. provides members with the Nuclear and Radiological Lessons topic-specific page. This page includes a variety of reports in addition to exclusive content documents. Examples of these documents include:

For more information about this and other nuclear incidents, please visit’s Nuclear and Radiological Lessons topic-specific page. To share experiences related to nuclear and radiological incidents, please submit your documents from the Submit to page.

How do I find an After-Action Report on Tutorial provides the After-Action Report Resource Center to help you access all after-action reports in the Document Library. The page provides access to after-action reports from exercises and real-world events from all levels of government, international partners, and private sector and non-governmental organizations. To access this page, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log into
  2. Click the AFTER-ACTION REPORT RESOURCE CENTER link on the "New Content" tab. You can also find the page by using the keyword search bar on the top right of every webpage.
  3. To narrow your search, the filter bar enables members to search for specific words in the title of the AAR.
  4. Click on the hyperlink to access a PDF of the document.
If you have any questions about accessing or submitting AARs to LLIS, please contact at

New Exclusive Content
The team continues to post new Lessons Learned and Practice Notes to the system on a regular basis. Weekly updates about new original content that is exclusive to can be found in the NEW LLIS.GOV CONTENT tab on the homepage. recently posted the following exclusive documents:

Practice Notes

Lesson Learned Outreach
In 2011, the team traveled around the country speaking and exhibiting at over 15 various conferences and events. Did you visit the representatives at these events? Please share your feedback and comments with us by emailing

If you would like to request an presentation at your next event, please email the Outreach Team at To view a list of all emergency management and homeland security events, please visit the Events Calendar. For more information, please visit the Outreach page.

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