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Response to Opinion. UN can't leave Haiti until rule of law is established Why not and whose rules?

Response to  Opinion. UN can't leave Haiti until rule of law is established Why not and whose rules?

This “nobles oblige” position on Haiti is without a doubt the most backward, insensitive and unproductive approach to a NATION I have had the misfortune to hear in the past 20 years…this type of ignorant overlord concept was supposed to have ended with the independence of the African nations…this is not a peace corps project this is the redevelopment and rebuilding of what was and should again be considered an INDEPENDENT SOVEREIGN NATION

These are not children in need of monitoring and spoon feeding. It is a nation that has been crippled by centuries or colonial racism and deliberate underdevelopment and have been kept in that situation with the help of American and European nations for the sole purpose of exploiting their people and resources. Haiti was the FIRST/FIRST IDNEPENEDENT NATION in the Western Hemisphere and they were able to sustain and grow to a power in the Americas and the Caribbean until the European powers were able to unite and overtake and suppress them-keep and maintain their oppression through their segregates and lackeys the suppression and subjugation of their population. 

When an independent leader emerged he was run out and another puppet was put in place. This is not about when it is about how. How will Haiti grow and rebuild if the people that have historically controlled their downward spiral and repression are still controlling the RPM, incoming and existing resources and the direction in which they believe the NATION should be heading?

If the recommendation is not to grow, equip and educate the police and military forces of Haitians to take control of their NATION SECURITY as they complete their training assignments then the true goal is to assure that the NATION of HAITI does not ever grow or become capable of self-sustaining management and governance.

The UN has never, ever anywhere established any rule of law or process that has left any nation in a manner that can be considered progressive or productive. Having spent considerable time with NATO and the issues of Yugoslavia including the situation in Belgrade, Pristina, Kosovo etc., etc., I am not sure how anyone can fix their mouth or mind to even consider the “UN” as an arbiter of law or justice we only have to look to the Bosnia, Republic Du Congo and Kosovo situations to know what has not been done and may never be done.



Concerned BEMA Member