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Thursday, November 24, 2016

A Blueprint for Social. Learn more about Boston's unprecedented approach to addressing social inequity and the city's resilience challenges.

100 Resilient Cities

An inclusive and cohesive city is also a more resilient one. Around our global network, we are seeing cities show us how.

This past weekend, Boston Mayor Martin Walsh and Chief Resilience Officer Atyia Martin hosted the first of a series of public, citywide conversations about racism, an issue that is deeply intertwined with Boston's other major challenges.

At the same time, the city released The Blueprint, which outlines Boston's plan to address racism and become a more reflective, collaborative, equitable, and connected city in order to achieve true urban resilience

More than ever, cities lead and are the agents of change.

In Athens, Greece, Chief Resilience Officers from cities around the world gathered to share insights and practices to help cities manage growing refugee crises, and turn a challenge into an opportunity.

The City of Paris, France is partnering with the Paris M├ętropole to strengthen the entire region's cohesion – in both good times and bad.

Cities around the world must strive to be places where community members trust and understand each other, where all city residents can benefit from a city's success. This work is urgent – and it could not be more timely. 

Explore, share, and let us know what you think:


Otis Rolley
Regional Director, Africa and North America
100 Resilient Cities

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