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Monday, January 16, 2017

2017. Diaspora Challenge Initiative Winners Announced!

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Diaspora Challenge Initiative Winners Announced!

Emmanuel Ronald Bertrand
Project: Georgia, US; Higher Education for Rural Development: A mentorship program with Haiti's graduating college students to sup-port the municipalities (local mayors)
Steve Chérestal & Didier Jean-Baptiste
Project: Florida and P-au-P, Haiti; Countrywide Microfinance: A Web Platform to Provide Nano Loans and to Serve as a Virtual Marketplace Through Harnessing Remittances
Jean Conille
Project: Dominican Republic; Environment: Transport Energy Ecologically-Friendly Gas Filling Stations for Public Transport Vehicles
Michel Dégraff
Project: Cambridge, MA: Countrywide Education Inisyativ MIT-Ayiti: Amelyore aksè ak kalite nan ansèyman Syans, Teknoloji, Enjeniri & Matematik (STEM) nan nivo lekòl segondè ak inivèsite ann Ayiti (MIT-Haiti Initiative: Improve STEM teaching in Haiti's secondary schools and colleges)
Scheeler Devis
Project: New-York, US; Agro-industry: Production of Syrup, Alcohol, Charcoal and Purified Water
Paul Obed Dumersaint
Project: Port-au-Prince, Haiti; Agriculture,Energy,Environment: Project de développement de la recherche biotechnologique, (2) de gestion de déchets municipaux, (3) de développement de la bioénergie et (4) de valorisation de biomasse végétale en environnement)
Nedjeda Jean-Paul
Project: Quebec, Canada; Health Care: Création d'un laboratoire d'analyses médicales (Creation of a Medical Test Laboratory)
Marc Raphaël
Project: California; Solar Energy: Affordable Food Business via Solar-powered Trailers, Plus Internet Hotspots
Wisblaude Thermidor & Beverly Malebranche
Project: New Haven, CT; Countrywide Agriculture: Fairtrade Business Model
Marcel Wah
Project: Chisinau, Moldova, and Plainsboro, NJ Countrywide: Agriculture: Bee farming Generate Income From Bee-related Products and Services. Reverse Pollinator Decline. Expand Current Business.

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