Thursday, January 12, 2017

2017. Volunteer to host InfraGardNCR New Member Orientations.

NEW for 2017: New Member orientations - can you help?
As part of our ongoing effort to ensure you know what InfraGardNCR can do for you, the chapter will host 3 new member orientation meetings throughout 2017.  

New members will be invited to... 
      • meet the chapter's leadership 
      • see a demonstration of the InfraGard portal
      • hear from our FBI Coordinators
      • be introduced to the Washington Field Office leadership
      • get an overview of chapter programs and initiatives
      • be afforded an opportunity to get involved in the chapters SIGs, workgroups, and/or committees
      • be provided with helpful resources available to them
Current members will also be welcome to attend.

In order to conduct these meetings, we need your help!  We're looking for hosts to provide the venue.  Venue requirements include internet availability, projector/screen, and seating for 50-100 people.  If you are in a position to host a new member orientation, please contact us!

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