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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Watch, Listen & Learn: The Hospital Preparedness Program. Do we need volunteer Fire\EMS stations in our urban and rural communities.

The push for volunteer fire\ems stations in OUR RURAL and URBAN communities.  For our future leaders and our communities.

Can the hospital and healthcare system handle the full load during a mass casualty exercise, or real-world event.  When we should begin to reduce the load on the system for more serious injuries, and services.  We have to begin to help ourselves in our communities.

CPR, basic first-aid & buddy care, and volunteer Fire\EMS stations are a start.

Charles D. Sharp.  CEO Black Emergency Managers Association.

Watch, Listen & Learn:  The Hospital Preparedness Program

The Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP) is helping health care organizations prepare for disasters in communities across the country. HPP is the only federal program that brings competitive health care entities together to enhance coordination for emergency preparedness and improve health care continuity during disasters. Find out how HPP helps save lives during emergencies. Learn More >>
Video:  Hospital Preparedness Program

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