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Friday, August 17, 2018

Opportunity, Proj Directors, Program, QC Managers, and Inspection Supervisors

Currently in the market for Project Directors, Program Managers, QC Managers and Inspection Supervisors.  All positions require at least 10 years of experience at FEMA, on a FEMA contract or statewide emergency management. 

Please feel free to share with BEMA members.  If anyone is interested, please ask them to email their resume/CV to me.  Thank you.

More information is on FBO -

Draft RFP for housing inspection services contract in support of FEMA's Response and Recovery Division and the Individual Assistance Program
Solicitation Number: Draft_RFP_70FB7018R00000023
Best Regards,

Sharolyn R. Hyson, MPP
Imminent Solutions, Inc. |

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