Thursday, November 15, 2018

Missing Insight. NIMS Alert 33-18: FEMA Releases 2018 National Preparedness Report

Review of 2018 National Preparedness Report two major area should be included as part of future national preparedness report:  overall health, both physical & mental for secure and resilient communities.

Behavioral health is often overlooked in the recovery of communities with ‘hard system approaches’ with community physical resources to mitigation planning and recovery.

BEMA International

FEMA Releases 2018 National Preparedness Report
Today, FEMA released the 2018 National Preparedness Report. In its seventh year, this report summarizes the nation's progress toward becoming a more secure and resilient nation.
The report highlights lessons learned from previous responses, along with findings from preparedness activities. The events and activities captured in the report allow responders and emergency managers throughout the nation to better understand capabilities, identify shortfalls, and build capacity in preparation for future large-scale and catastrophic incidents.
The 2018 National Preparedness Report also identifies gains made in preparedness across the nation and identifies where challenges remain. These findings provide insights into preparedness and informs decisions about future program priorities, resource allocations, and community actions.
The 2018 Report considers select 2017 real-world incidents that tested the nation’s capabilities, preparedness trends from state, tribal and territory perspectives, and an overview of activities and investments to build and sustain capabilities. As a result, it provides in-depth evaluation of five core capabilities identified in previous reports as facing persistent preparedness challenges— Infrastructure Systems, Housing, Economic Recovery, Cybersecurity, and Operational Coordination.

The Hidden Power of the Venezuelan Diaspora. Thursday, November 15, 2018 10:30 am - 12:00 pm



This event will be webcast live from the CSIS event webpage.


CSIS Americas hosts

The Hidden Power of
the Venezuelan Diaspora



Alejandro Machado

Founder of Open Money Initiative


Francisco Marquez

Executive Director of Vision Democratica Foundation


Laura McGorman

Data for Good Portfolio Manager at Facebook


Magaly Sanchez R.

Senior Researcher and Visiting Scholar at
the Office of Population Research at Princeton University


Alexandra Winkler

Liaison for MedGlobal Venezuela/University of Miami;
Former Deputy of El Hatillo Municipality in Caracas


Moderated by

Moises Rendon

Associate Director and Associate Fellow,
Americas Program


Thursday, November 15, 2018

10:30 am - 12:00 pm



Join CSIS Americas for a public discussion on the role of the Venezuelan diaspora and how it can best organize and take action to provide support for Venezuela. Since 2014, Venezuela has endured an unprecedented political, economic, social, and humanitarian crisis resulting in the largest exodus in Venezuela’s history. About 2.5 million Venezuelans have fled the country in the last few years, with many more expected to flee as the country’s economy continues to implode. There are estimated to be about 4 million Venezuelans currently living abroad.

This event will focus on the strength of such diaspora, including their increasing presence in Latin America and the United States. We will discuss practical tools and policy options for Venezuelans to engage in mitigating the humanitarian crisis in their home country, including the role of Venezuelan doctors, independent cryptocurrencies, social media platforms, and other tools to alleviate the suffering of the Venezuelan people. The discussion will be moderated by CSIS Associate Director and Venezuelan expert Moises Rendon.

For more information please contact Sarah Baumunk (202-775-7326).

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The Black Emergency Managers Association International support(s) the Sustainable Development Goals

The Black Emergency Managers Association International support(s) the Sustainable Development Goals

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