U.S. Education: HBCUs

Could development of Homeland Security and\or Emergency Management (HS\EM) Curricula at HBCUs contribute to meeting the objectives of the White House HBCUs and 2020 Goal?

1.  Listing of HBCUs with Homeland Security and\or Emergency Managment Curricula
      a.  Listing of HBCUs with Homeland Security and\or Emergency Management Curricula

2.  Meeting the need
     a.   HBCU 2020 Initiative

     b.  Whole Community.  Involving the whole community to meet HBCUs and 2020 Goal
         i.    Development of CERT teams on campus and within neighboring community
         ii.   Developing certificate program in HS\EM for community
         iii.  Developing HBCU local community K-12 programs in HS\EM
         iv.  Developing HS\EM re-entry program for ex-offenders in community
         v.   Promote funding opportunities for local faith-based, and non-profit
                 community organizations in HS\EM
                    1.  DHS
                    2.  Department of Education
                    3.  Department of Justice
                    4.  Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS)
                    5.  USAID
                    6.  other agencies
        vi.  Promote career opportunities in Public Health and Medical Corp of DHHS in conjunction
                 with HS\EM curricula
        vii. Promote HS\EM basic courses for all majors as a requirement similar to english, and mathematics
                 requirements as a basis for graduation within HBCUs.
             NOTE:  Homeland Security Presidential Directive's (HSPD) mandated training requirements
                          for federal employees as a requirement for HBCUs
       viii.  Promote Cybersecurity requirements in all computer and information technology courses
         ix.  Seek 10 to 20 enrollee's to HS\EM program certificate or degree program annually from
               local community
          x.  International.  Promote EM program assistance, training, course development and exchange
               program with Caribbean Basin and African nations

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