Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision



Provide information, networking, educational & professional development opportunities, and to advance the emergency management and homeland security profession within Black, Latino, African-Descent, disenfranchised, and vulnerable population communities. 

To assist and ensure diversity and community involvement in all phases of emergency management, and climate change to include grant opportunities, training, preparedness, etc. with emphasis on the long-term recovery of communities.

Premier association of African-Descent Homeland Security & Emergency Management professional emergency managers. Be the premier African-Descent 'all-inclusive' association fulfilling our primary mission, and not exclude any individual, entity, or organization with an interest in the principles of emergency management in all communities.

BEMA’s commitment to diversity by being open and inclusive as we leverage the strength found in the rich diversity of our membership and interactions with all communities.  Our inclusive culture extends to valuing diversity of thinking, backgrounds, experiences and culture.  This allows us to work locally with others across all borders to develop and deliver lifesaving services to communities.
Diversity Vision:
Fully embrace and promote inclusion across all divisions separating people, and communities.
Diversity Defined:
Diversity in its broadest sense encompasses all the characteristics, experiences and cultural influences that make each of us unique individuals.
The differences and similarities can be categorized into several different dimensions:
Internal – those we’re born with like gender and ethnicity;
External – those which change over time like age; and
Situational – characteristics that change based upon life choices, such as marital status and vocation.

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