U.S. CERT Workplace CERT

Workplace CERT

Workplace CERT programs are designed to operate in any type of workplace environment.  

A Workplace CERT program can support and enhance existing capabilities, and CERT volunteers can participate in efforts to increase the preparedness and resilience of the workplace and community. A Workplace CERT program equips employees with skills that enable them to perform basic disaster response operations in an emergency.

The Workplace CERT Starter Guide is designed to assist the individual or team responsible for planning and implementing CERT in your workplace.  Each Workplace CERT program will be unique to the specific needs of the workplace it serves. This guide should be a reference rather than a prescriptive how-to manual for starting a Workplace CERT program.

The CERT Liability Guide is offered for general informational purposes only, and is intended to educate CERT program managers, volunteers, sponsoring agencies, and legal advisors about liability and risk management.

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