U.S. and International Emergency, Disaster, Crisis Management and NGO Training


   Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
           1.  training.fema.gov

INTERNATIONAL \ NGO Education and Training

           1. DISASTERreadey  
            DisasterReady.org makes cutting-edge professional development resources  
            available to aid workers and volunteers - anywhere, anytime, at no           
            cost. DisasterReady.org’s online learning library of more than 600 training   
            resources is constantly expanding and covers core topics such as        
            Humanitarianism, Program/Operations, Protection, Staff Welfare,   
            Management and Leadership, Staff Safety & Security, and Soft              
            Skills. DisasterReady.org is available as an open online learning portal for      
            individuals to register on their own or for organizations looking to provide    
            online training to employees and volunteers .

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