Membership Categories

Membership Categories & Sectors

LIFETIME Individual, Affiliate, International
Afforded to BEMA founding members, and nominated members with 10 or more years continued membership
Individual membership in the Association is available to individuals of African-Descent,  and emergency managers from the U.S. Military, Federal, State & Local governments, and private industry actively engaged in emergency management as an emergency manager or similar position title.  First responders (fire department, law enforcement, and emergency medical personnel) are also included as individual members
Federal, Military, State, Private Sector\Corporate, Fire\EMS, Law Enforcement, Educational

Affiliate membership is available to any organization/party which provides products, services or other resources which support BEMA and its members.  Historical Black Colleges and Universitys (HBCUs), other colleges & universities, non-profit and faith-based organizations are included in this category
Lifetime\Individual, Faith-Based Organizations, Non Profit Organizations, Private Industry\Corporate, Educational

              Membership available to K12 level, college, university students worldwide.

Student membership is available to any person enrolled in a high school, or post-secondary institution studying emergency management or a related field. Proof of current enrollment required. Students shall be affiliated with and a member of a local community emergency response organization or associated with the post-secondary institution emergency management organization for continued student membership status. Mentoring program individuals are also included in this category

Because BEMA International is community and family oriented all students under the age of 18 years must join with the consent of their parent or guardian.  Application must include parent or guardian contact information:  
      1. Office and home telephone number, 
      2. email address (home or office). 

All notices and correspondences from BEMA International to minor\underage members shall include complementary courtesy copies to parent or guardian.

Completion of the following membership training courses are required for membership by student: 
Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training


Emergency management organizations, and individuals from the Americas (Mexico, Central, South America), Caribbean Basin, African, Middle East, Europe, or other international entity are included as association members within the International Sector


Lifetime\Individual, Faith-Based Organizations, Non Profit Organizations, Private Industry\Corporate, Government.

Relief & Recovery
           Special membership category afforded to disaster relief & recovery organizations
           for direct response, immediate deployment & relief, and long-term recovery
           of communities from disasters.

Corporate \ NGO
           Federal, State, County, City association membership.
           Services provided are similar to all other members with special emphasis on
           advice on emergency education & training, and climate change position.

Government (federal, state, county, city)
          Agency, department group membership.
          Similar to corporate membership.
          Membership dues lower than Corporate.

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