Whole Community: Community Participation, Faith Based Organizations, Schools, and Local Businesses

Whole Community: 

Community participation

Faith based organizations



Local Businesses    

Contact BEMA at BEMA@BlackEmergManagersAssociation.org for additional information on community participation and involvement

Community participation

1.  Community Organization
      a.  Contact local emergency management agency.
             i.  obtain copy of local plans for neighborhood\community
      b.  development training emergency management training plan for organization
      c.  research local, and other funding for emergency management plans and training
      d.  create list of schools, senior citizens living facilities, and faith-based (churches)
                 in your area
      e.  create list of businesses within your neighborhood\community


2.  Faith-based Organizations
      a.  View DHS Homeland Security Institute for Faith-Based and Community Initiative
           Powerpoint presentation on


See pages on ‘Education: K-12’, and ‘Education:  HBCUs’.

4.  Local businesses
      a.  research business continuity plans
      b.  establish MOU (memorandum of understanding) with community organizations,
                 faith-based organizations in the event of a disaster
      c.  ensure payment or reimbursement plans are discussed for local or federal
                 declared disaster
      d.  ensure plans created for short-time, and long term power outage
      e.  consider plan for distribution of inventory to assist community in event of
                 short-, and long term recovery
      f.   consider supply-change, and logistics.

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