Monday, January 2, 2012

10 Point Plan for Developing Faith-Based Violence Prevention Projects

10 Point Plan for Developing Faith-Based Violence Prevention Projects for African American Males

1 - Meet with congregation and key church officials to determine interests around developing a faith-based, community-focused, violence prevention project with African American males.

2 - Develop needs assessment (survey community residents, school officials and community leaders & parents) for a violence prevention project.

3 - Educate congregation on the impact of violence on the greater community.

4 - Decide on how large or small the project will be.
5 - Review the Dare To Be King Model and other models specifically designed to address violence among African American males.

6 - Explore funding for violence prevention projects (grants, donations etc.).

7 - Recruit and organize church volunteers.

8 - Arrange the Dare To Be King Train the Trainer workshop/conference for church staff and volunteers.

9 - Contact local Universities and Colleges to determine availability to evaluate violence prevention project.

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