Monday, March 12, 2012

No to employer access to social media accounts.


Dear ACLU Supporter,

Remember Officer Robert Collins? Last year, the ACLU of Maryland represented a man who had to turn over his private Facebook password during an interview with the Department of Corrections. Officer Collins was being recertified after taking a leave of absence when his mother died.

The ACLU told the Department of Corrections that the privacy rights of Officer Collins and his friends on Facebook were violated. After a huge public outcry, the DOC revised its policy, but it didn’t go far enough. We need you to tell your Delegates to support the social media privacy bill.

Now, job candidates have to sign a form saying that they understand it is “voluntary” for them to provide access to their social media accounts during interviews. The DOC said job candidates would log on to their social media accounts and review the sites along with interviewers, instead of giving DOC their login and password information. Would that make you feel better?

That’s why the ACLU is championing passage of a bill to prohibit employers from asking for personal user names and passwords or other means of accessing a private account.

Take action: Ask your Maryland Delegates to protect your privacy!

Help us put a stop to this gross infringement of privacy before the invasive practice spreads to other employers.

ACLU of Maryland

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