Monday, December 17, 2012


January 2013. The beginning of a world-wide movement dedicated to all children of the world.

January of each year to start of a new year to mark the beginning of our world dedicated to protecting innocent victums of the world, the children. Each of us are children of the world and can mark this as a dedication to making changes, dedicating ourselves in our homes, local communities, counties, states, national governments, kingdoms, regimes, to ensuring the protection of innocent children, and to ourselves as children of the world.

Enough is enough, governments are created by the governed. A signal has to be sent to the world from all children of the world to protect them from all the dangers in the world. To leave great legacies for each of them, and us.

January 2013 shall be the start of BEMA's 'A NEVER ENDING MONTH FOR THE DEDICATION TO CHILDREN OF THE WORLD' focusing in on all aspects of protecting children of the world, collaborating with any and all organizations committed to protecting children, looking at programs in every nation of the world created for the protection and advancement of children of their nation and around the world.

This is not an organization, non-profit, or government sponsored event, but an event that starts from the most simpliest grass-roots level to signal the world that each of us care for all children.

There is goodness, and their is its' opposing opposite.  More of the former has to be promoted for the world.

No financial investments, no donations, no ROI, no costs whatsoever. I care for all children of the world.


Charles D. Sharp

Charles D. Sharp
Chief Executive
Black Emergency Managers Association   
2027 Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue.  S.E.
Washington, D.C.  20020
Office:   202-618-9097

"I CARE....."

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