Saturday, January 21, 2012


April 2 - 4, 2012                       Washington Convention Center | Washington, DC 
Don't worry: when it comes to contingency planning, we've got you covered!
1. An event you know and trust. Contingency Planning & Management is THE resource for COOP and business continuity planning tools.
2. Who doesn't love a good deal? Get risk management education (and lots of it) at a reasonable price.
3. 360 Views. With both unbiased experts and industry insiders leading the program, you'll get every perspective necessary to fine tune your contingency plan.
4. Copious contingency planning content. Build the learning program that meets your needs with sessions on Continuity of Government, Cloud Contingency Planning, Supply Chain Business Continuity, Social Media Contingency Planning, Business Recovery and much more!
5. We dive deep. Waaaay deep. Check out the deep-dive workshops on The Disaster Experience, Business Continuity Testing Solutions and Ensuring a Successful BIA.
Information about MADRA: 

MADRA, a 501(c)(3) corporation, was formed in October 1989 to stimulate communication among individuals, groups and the community in the areas of disaster recovery and business continuity planning. By disaster recovery and business continuity planning, we mean those areas and disciplines which are required to recover an organization which has suffered a catastrophic event, seriously impairing its ability to perform its normal business. In a simple word, "a disaster." 

The meetings are free, so bring a friend or co-worker. If you think the experience is worthwhile, we would be pleased for you to become a member of MADRA. As a member of MADRA, we ask that you support us with an annual contribution of $50, which is used to support our non-profit educational association. We are totally dependent on donations to keep our information exchange going. If your donation is not reimbursed by your employer, it is deductible as a charitable donation at tax time. 

Don't forget: Attending MADRA meetings allows you to gain 4 continuing education credits for your certification! 

Attention Vendors: Are you interested in becoming a MADRA sponsor? 

Please contact Paul Striedl or Robin Fishman at for details. 

MADRA - Discount for CPM Conference

Contingency Planning and Management Conference & Expo is coming to Washington, D.C.  This year's CPM will be held on April 2-4 at the Washington Convention Center.  
 For more information, please visit
Registration Discount
The Mid-Atlantic Disaster Recovery Association (MADRA) is pleased to announce a special offer for MADRA supporters.  Please enter the following registration code to obtain a 10% conference discount.
Code: CPM01
Conference Scholarships
In conjunction with CPM, MADRA is also pleased to present our active/dues paying donors with an opportunity to win one of five (5) full access conference scholarships.  Worth nearly $600, each of the five awardees will have access to: CPM, GovSec and Network-Centric Security conferences on April 3-4; all keynotes; the exhibit hall, and all activities taking place in the hall.

How can you apply? Simply volunteer for one of the following three activities:

           1) Provide an industry-specific white paper or article (past or new) that we have permission to post on LinkedIn/Facebook and/or the MADRA web site.

            2) Offer to lead a 15-20 minute group discussion at an upcoming meeting using a recent event and or   company/government policy.

            3) Lead a short discussion on MADRA's LinkedIn group page commenting on a past presentation or using a recent event/policy.
Send us an email with your name, email, phone number and a 100-word or less description about the activity you have selected no later than February 17th, 2012.  Please send your submission to

Countdown: 2nd National ASU HBCU Conference. March 5-7, 2012