Monday, January 30, 2012

Black History Month: What are the boundaries of the African-American communities?

What are the boundaries of the African-American communities? 
The boundaries of the African-American communities are within the boundaries from the top of North America, Central American, the tip of the bottom of South America, and all of the Caribbean Basin islands. 
One day that we as Americans celebrate is Columbus day.  Where was the first location of the landing of Columbus within the America's? 
African-American communities aren't just within the boundaries of the U.S. but everywhere that African-descent communities are formed.
Thinking outside of the box is constantly mentioned in all aspects of business, and other ventures in the creation of new and innovative ideas.  Our African descent communities within the America's were subjected to seperation by region, and languages.
In the 21st Century these barriers can be overcome by the advances in telecommunications, and education that can bring all of these communities together.
Black History Month is not just for U.S. African-Americans, but all African descent communities world-wide to celebrate our heritage and contributions to the world.  History is written by those who write it, and cannot be just written by those in power or the majority. 
Write your family history, write your community history, and remember and honor those from the past.
Charles D. Sharp
Charles D. Sharp
Emergency Manager
Senior Advisor
Black Emergency Managers Association

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