Thursday, March 27, 2014

$10,000.00. BMe begins accepting nominations for its 2014 "BMe Leadership Awards"

10 Black Men in Detroit, 10 in Baltimore and 10 in Philadelphia to Earn $10,000 Each for Doing What Good Black Men Do

March, 20, 2014 

Today BMe begins accepting nominations for its 2014 "BMe Leadership Awards" which are presented to inspired black men in Philadelphia, Detroit and Baltimore who are committed to helping others and improving their community.

The BMe Leadership Award was created to recognize the many ways that black men are assets to communities. It rewards and celebrates everyday black men whose meaningful contributions are often overlooked.

In each city, 10 BMe Leadership Award earners, called 'BMe Leaders' will receive public recognition, a $10,000 grant to apply toward their community work and the opportunity to be networked with other black men like them. BMe promotes BMe Leaders as examples of inspired black men locally and nationally.

"We all personally know men like these - our fathers, co-workers, mentors and friends," says Trabian Shorters, BMe's founding CEO. "Here's a chance to honor them because their contributions are so often overlooked. Everyone nominated will have a chance to be recognized."

Nominees, as well as their nominators of any race or sex, benefit from gaining access to the BMe Community, its news, web tools and local community-building events.

Nominees must be at least 18 years old and their contributions to the community must benefit those in their respective cities of Detroit, Baltimore or Philadelphia. Since 2012, BMe has presented 70 Leadership Awards to black men who continue to make a significant and lasting impact on their neighbors and city. 

On April 7th nominees will be asked to submit a short application detailing what they would do with the $10,000 grant if selected.

Click Here to Nominate a Good Black Man in Detroit, Baltimore andPhiladelphia to Become A BMeFellow

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