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Free Training. Get up to speed! Fundamentals of Climate Change

"Take online courses as a group to discuss the issues".  Tests are completed alone, but discussions can be in groups.  Something for our senior 'wiser' citizens to do together.


Fundamentals of Climate Change
Free Course
Enrollment key: CCDPs
Through its five modules, the e-course Fundamentals of Climate Change covers the scientific basis of climate change, the observed and projected changes and impacts, together with, the approaches and responses development professionals and practitioners may use to address climate change within their work.

Module 1: Introduction
Module 2: Observed changes and impacts.
This set of topics cover the major observed changes in the climate system over the last 150 years and how human activities have contributed to these changes.

Module 3: Projected changes and impacts.
The three topics covered in this module provide an overview of the changes projected by the end of 2100 in the climate system.

Module 4: Responses to Climate Change.
This set of topics look at what is happening in the international negotiations under the main convention dealing with climate change, what are the ways to adapt to the changes that have occurred and likely to occur, what are some options for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, what are some of the resources (such as finance, approaches, methods and tools) that are available.

Module 5: Conclusions

Learning objectives 
This course addresses the basic of climate change, including:
  • The greenhouse effect, and how it impacts the earth's climate
  • Current and projected impacts of client change on ecological, biological and socioeconomic systems
  • International negotiations and agreements addressing the climate change problem
  • Mitigation and adaptation approaches
  • Financing climate change related development actions
  • Tools and resources

Note, this e-course was produced in 2009 by the Sustainable Development Department of the World Bank as a course targeting World Bank staff hence the language in the course was targeted to development practitioners, but since the climate change scientific information, with adaptation and mitigation approaches, are of relevance to a broader community, this course is being made available via the WBI e-Institute also to an external audience. Updates to this course are currently not being planned. 

Target Audience:
Policymakers, government representatives, project developers, private sector, academia, civil society

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    Course Format:Self-paced
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