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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

OCHA HAITI: Hurricane Matthew Situation Report No. 20 and infographics

OCHA Haiti, Situation Report No. 20, Humanitarian Snapshot and Humanitarian Funding Update

Dear partners,

Please click here to view OCHA Haiti Situation Report No. 20 as of 08 November 2016, as well as two infographics: Humanitarian Snapshot and Humanitarian Funding Update.

Situation Report Main Points
  • Of the 806,000 affected people who are at the “extreme level” of food insecurity, 426,000 people (or 53 per cent) have so far received food assistance.
  • Continued security incidents targeting convoys of humanitarian supplies hinder the much needed delivery of assistance.
  • During the reporting period, heavy rains in the departments of Grand’Anse, Nord-Est, and Nord led to the death of 10 people (Three women, four men, and three children). Three others are wounded and one is missing.
  • With crop loss reaching a staggering 80 to 100  per cent in parts of the predominantly rural  areas, people’s food insecurity risks worsening  in the coming months if farming activities are  not urgently restored by mid-November.
OCHA Haiti

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