Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Preview. Weds, 11/09/2016. ‘Black America Since MLK, And Still I Rise’

"We have to come together within the diaspora to heal our trauma to make the evolutionary jump to the next phase of our developement within the U.S., Caribbean, Africa, and throughout the diaspora.  To come together with one loud voice to say , NO MORE".  Can we come together as one?      CDS. 

On Wednesday, November 9, 2016 during my recovery from the recent Presidential Election while in the BEMA office I had the unique opportunity of attending the preview screening of ‘Black America Since MLK, And Still I Rise’, a new documentary by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. co-produced by WETA and Premiers November 15 & 22 at 8 p.p. on your local PBS station.  (  )

The Black Emergency Managers Association (BEMA) office is located in one of the areas still containing a majority of black community residents, and organizations within South East Washington, D.C.  Our office location is shared with other black small businesses from practically each blue and white collar professions in or community co-located in the Anacostia Arts Center on Good Hope Road, S.E. 

Being located in this community, and at the Anacostia Arts Center has given me the opportunity to experience all aspects of life in our communities.  As a Washingtonian I have seen the progress and setbacks in our communities from the demonstration marches for equality and riots of the 60’s following the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King as a child.  The Vietnam War protests in the late 60’s and early 70’s.  The introduction of psychotropic drugs, mass usage of heroin, angel dust, cocaine and crack cocaine that flooded and destroyed multiple generations within our communities.  The mass exodus of families from the inner city area to the suburbs of Maryland and Virginia seeking better schools, homes, and job.

Please schedule a time to view the airing of this documentary, or record and view at a later time with family and friends.  Consider how far we have come in the last 50 to 60 years. 

Have we evolved and made the evolutional jump to take us to the next phase of our development socially, politically, and financially? 

Have we taken 5-steps forward only to simply to take 7-steps back. 

Other questions will arise as you view this documentary.  For we have to plan, and prepare individually, for our families, and our communities.  Something we may have lost.

Think of BEMA, Black Lives Matter, the Black Panther Party and why each has a unique goal of bringing our communities together to address an old unresolved issue, current issues, and issues in the future.

Peace be unto each of you, and your families.


Charles D. Sharp

Charles D. Sharp
Chief Executive Officer
Black Emergency Managers Association  
1231  Good Hope Road  S.E.
Washington, D.C.  20020
Office:   202-618-9097 

Cooperation, Collaboration, Communication, Coordination, Community engagement, and  Partnering (C5&P)

A 501 (c) 3 organization.

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