Friday, August 25, 2017

8:05 pm ET. 8/25/2017. FEMA R6-SpotReport-6

FEMA R6-SpotReport-6

       Texas Governor has requested a major declaration for 6 counties along the gulf coast
       FEMA Region 6 RRCC remains at a Level I
       Texas SEOC remains at a Level I

·         Texas Governor has requested for a major declaration request for counties along the coast. The following counties are included in the request for Individual Assistance and Public Assistance (Categories A and B); Bee, Goliad, Kleberg, Nueces, Refugio and San Patricio. Direct Federal Assistance and Hazard Mitigation statewide is also being requested.

·         Hurricane Harvey has increased to a CAT 3 hurricane with wind speeds of 125 mph and a deadly storm surge of 6 - 12 feet above ground levels

·         Continues to move slowly northwest toward the middle Texas Coast.  Harvey is forecast to make landfall late Friday/early Saturday as a major hurricane (CAT 3)

·         Heavy rain and areas of flooding are likely through the weekend over south east and east Texas into west Louisiana

       R6 RRCC SAS will continue to monitor and report as necessary

       Texas SOC
       National Weather Service

       FEMA Region 6 RRCC Documentation Unit

FEMA Hurricane Harvey Private Sector Update Aug. 25

Information before and after ANY significant event (man-made, or natural disaster) is vital to the community.

Association members with family and friends in the path of Hurricane Harvey for the entire Gulf of Mexico region from Texas to Florida please contact them by phone, Western Union, a neighbor, local Fire & Police to ensure that they follow the instructions of local emergency management offices if instructed to evacuate, and seek shelter at designated location.

A home can be rebuilt, a car can be purchased again, but any life is more precious than material things.

Charles D. Sharp.  CEO Black Emergency Managers Association International

Life safety is paramount. Our primary concern now is to ensure that those in the path of the storm can make informed decisions for their preparedness and take actions as the storm advances based on guidance from local and state authorities.  This is a unique storm and requires all of us to be actively assessing how we can support critical messaging from local authorities regarding protective actions including evacuations which are underway.  

We want to ensure FEMA is connected to you providing data, information, and messaging as needed.
·        NBEOC dashboard has been updated since Wednesday. Use the chat function to answer questions and quickly get answers.
·        Daily NBEOC call today at 2pm Central / 3pm Eastern.
·        Integrating your requirements into the overall priorities for this incident as we coordinate activities in the area of concern. Please follow this format so we can track challenges and get ahead of issues as they emerge and email

Overall Status
Current Challenges
Concerns over Next 24

This will be a record-breaking storm. We are leaning forward and will keep you updated in coordination with FEMA Region VI. As the situation develops, details will be shared through the NBOEC. Please let us know if you are not receiving mass notices and advisories and would like to receive them by emailing nbeoc@ If you are not an NBEOC member, please complete the form so we can ensure you are included in future communications.

Please reach to me directly if you would like more information or discuss how we can more effectively work together for this and other disasters.



Robert C. Glenn  Director, Private Sector Division Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) U.S. Department of Homeland Security direct: (202) 212-4453 mobile: (202) 403-4665  e-mail:

The Black Emergency Managers Association International support(s) the Sustainable Development Goals

The Black Emergency Managers Association International support(s) the Sustainable Development Goals

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