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Monday, May 28, 2018

Next Generation Leaders. STE(A)M: Electrical Engineering. Explain 4 Major Components of this device. May 2018

Next Generation Leaders (Middle or High School, College\University Level):

1.  Describe and tell the function of four (4) major components of  from
          the photos of the attached device?

2.  Resiliency and Environmental points
    a.  Step-up or Step-down transformer?
    b.  How would you properly dispose of this device?
    c.  Can any components be recycled back into a production\manufacturing system for reuse?
    d.  Of the four (4) major components from Question 1 above, on average what elements are
          these components comprised of, and  from where (location, Nation, etc.) on average are
          are they mined from?

   Question 1.................50 points
   Question 2.................50 points
                     (a)  ...10
                     (b) ....10
                     (c) ....15
                     (d) ....15
                Total............100 points

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